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Do you give lurve freely?

Asked by The_Compassionate_Heretic (14634points) August 8th, 2009

Or do you make people work for it?

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If something’s funny or useful (even not to me), I’ll lurve it.

Particularly funny.

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And what if I do? Try and stop me!
I only do it for people I like though :)

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I either respond positively to a question or an answer or I don’t. If one strikes me in some way (as being funny, wise, well-written, whatever) I always acknowledge it. It doesn’t need to be “Great”, sometimes I just happen to agree.

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I’m very free with my lurve.
it’s gotten me into trouble though, lurving some one too quickly, and then realising they were saying the opposite of what I lurve :/

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Sometime I do, sometimes I don’t. It depends on the day and how I’m feeling. And of course, their answer. I try not to lurve some of the joke posts, just because there will always be somebody else to.

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One blessing/curse of being a moderator is being able to see where lurve comes from. Over time, you get a feel for the lurving propensities of various users—which ones spray lurve all over the site like Jelly Appleseed and which can’t seem to find the “Great Answer” button.

It’s perfectly fine with me that everyone has their own code of lurve. In the end, it doesn’t matter a whit. I seem to be maybe a little on the stingy side, compared with other very active users, but not by much. Seeing how generous many others are with lurve has loosened my lurve-wallet up some.

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I hand out lurve like its free, because it is. If I don’t give you lurve, it’s because you are mean-spirited or some kind of a jerk. Fortunately, the mods are pretty good about removing the ‘jerk’ responses.

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Free lurve for everyone from me!
Unfortunately, I have to leave right now :(
But I’ll lurve everyone when I come back!

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I give lurve to whoever has a sense of humor.
I give lurve to whoever gives a great answer.
I give lurve when they beat me to the answer.
I give lurve to who I lurve. :)
I’m in a happy mood today….that means free lurve!

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Lurve makes the world go round.

My main general criteria is that something is a good answer. I give GAs even to members of the Collective whose viewpoints I don’t agree with or that I may have tangled with in a thread. A good answer is a good answer.

In Fluther lurve fests such as the proposal of WTF and SCCrowell, I am a little more freewheeeling.

I also am looser with new jellies to help encourage them. I still look for good answers, but I may GA something that I would not deem especially great from a longtime Flutherer.

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I give it out when the response is particularly helpful, funny, or just plain good.

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I give it to Great Answers! Like @Harp ‘s!

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Normally, no. This thread, yes. Happy Saturday lurve to all.

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I lurve answers I feel are poignant or helpful and some of the funny ones too. I will not lurve an answer from someone who’s been hostile, creepy or trolling even if that particular answer is a good one, sorry but I’m persnickity that way.

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I’m making Saturday pancakes…anyone cares to join me?

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I lurve whatever tickles my fancy. I do tend to lurve answers I agree with… sometimes it feels sortof like voting.

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Pretty freely for GAs… much less so for GQs. It has to be a really good question for me to lurve it.

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I give lurve for answers I feel are good, regardless of whether or not they agree with me. I also MAKE SURE to give appropriate lurve to good answers on all of MY questions. Where I WON’T give lurve is when I think that the person got lurve from his/her “pals” even though the post was nothing to get excited about.

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If I like it, it gets my lurve.

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If an answer makes me laugh or make me think it gets some lurve (due to restrictions in the system if an answer make me laugh and think it doesn’t get more lurve).

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I usually lurve people I agree with, people who make me laugh, people who make a good point. I do think I spread it easily, but I do like to give lurve..especially when I know it’ll up their lurve points which they deserve. I lurve getting lurve.

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I give lurve to anyone I see who has less that 50.
I give lurve to helpful answers, and to humorous answers.
I give lurve to people who make intelligent observations, that I may not agree with.
I give lurve to anyone who quotes Kalil Gilbran, or Mahatma Gandhi. Or Pulp Fiction or The Big Lebowski for that matter.

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@filmfann “They speak English in what?!”

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Lurve given.

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As I have said before, I give it out to nearly every answer.

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I’m a child of the sixties. The free lurve generation.

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What kind of girl do you think I am?

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Umm, a galileo girl?

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Too many broken hearts have fallen in the river
Too many lonely souls have drifted out to sea
You lay your bets and then you pay the price
The things we do for lurve
(The things we do for lurve)

Like typing in the rain and the snow…

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Sometimes when I am feeling benevolent and generous!

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i lurve when it’s truly hilarious, when i really agree with someone, or when it seems like they might flash me their lovely jumblies (females only. sorry @AstroChuck).

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Hey, @eponymoushipster, how you doin’?

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I’m somewhere in between. I give lots of lurve to responses to my own questions because I value an honest answer very very much. I really do. I’m more discriminative with controversial subjects. Then there are some threads that I don’t respond to at all, but will find the best answers and give them lurve.

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oh, @asmonet, you are indeed a queen among peasants!

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I love giving lurve to those that aren’t afraid to speak their mind.

I also love being the first to give lurve to a new jelly. It must be a helpful or funny answer though.

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I give of myself freely. That would include lurve also. Usually for Great Answers. Sometimes not.

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I tried charging for lurve, but to no avail.

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If it makes me laugh out loud, it gets lurve. If it makes me think, it gets lurve, especially if it teaches me something. If it says what I would say, only better, it gets lurve. Other than that, not so much. And often, I get so into answering, that I forget to show others that I appreciate what they said. Sigh.

It disturbs me that moderators can see who hands out lurve at what rate. I think I reserve it for really high quality (i.e., truly great answers).

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I’m pretty free with it. But what I’ve been trying to remember lately is that if I’m too quick to lurve someone I’ve already maxed out on, my GA might prevent that question from getting a GA that will count for points. Only the first 5 GAs will add to the person’s score, and if they’re all from the regulars, they won’t add anything. They’ll just block lurve that would score.

Many deserving questions are light on GQs, though.

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I seem to shower lurve everywhere and anywhere.

And @aprilsimnel, lurve for 10cc

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i lurve anything that causes a positive reaction, or that looks like the person put a lot of thought into it.
sometimes, i admit, i don’t read the entire lengthy answer someone will leave, but if i like what i’ve read, and i know they put all that time and thought into it, i lurve it. i am kind of like an english teacher who only reads the first and last paragraph of an essay, and gives it an A without noticing the paragraph that’s like “first of all, bacon is a breakfast delight. bacon and pancakes. bacon? bacon and pancakes”.

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I lurve headdresses

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If it gets me thinking, if it makes me chuckle or if it touches my heart—baby, you get good lurve.

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