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What all-in-one printer do I want?

Asked by mark (225points) January 15th, 2008

I’m running Mac OS X Leopard, and need to update my “POS” printer. I’d like to print good photos, scan, and fax. Networking over Airport is also a plus. Any recent experience you can share?

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I’m very happy with my Canon Pixma MP830. It doesn’t natively network, but you can get a USB wireless or bluetooth adaptor. I’ve never used it to fax, by the way, but I’m sure it works fine.

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How many computers need to print to it? The networking option makes a really big difference in terms of what route you want to go.

In terms of MFC’s, I highly recommend Brother. I’ve never seen a printer work so well in a networked environment with Macs. I’ve used Canons MFC’s, but had to return them because the network support for Macs was atrocious.

You may want to consider, though, getting a black-and-white laser MFC (say, Brother) and a quality inkjet printer (say, a Canon, which I love). In my experience, the cheap inkjet MFCs breakdown like it’s their job… and the ink runs super-expensive.

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Oops. Come to think of it, I haven’t done OCR with it, and I vaguely remember not being able to for some reason. Anyway, look into that if you decide to go down that bunny trail.

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I had an HP scanner/printer/copier combo. I was home-schooling and running off a lot of copies. Didn’t run out of ink often and was happy with the overall quality of all features. I remember it was a decent price as well.

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