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How did you find Fluther?

Asked by bhec10 (6457points) August 21st, 2009

How did this all start?
Did someone tell you?
Did you find it on Google?

I’m just curious.

Also, isn’t really related with this question but who knows how many flutherites there are?

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I had a relationship issue (was going through a shitty break-up), and, needed help with it. Whatever I’d googled was something similar to a question that was posted here, and thus, Fluther popped up. Been hooked ever since.

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I found it on site called

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i found it on the pandora box app on my ipod, and joined up because i love helping people out.

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Friends brought me here from another site because Fluther is better :)

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A guy I was dating heard of it from someone he was dating before me

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A friend linked me to it one day and ever since I was hooked….

I asked a very similar question here:

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It was Lifehacker for me.
See what i just did, Grisaille?

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I was looking for cool apps for the iphone I finally gave in and got.

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Someone posted a thread about it and I checked it out when I needed to ask a question.

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I was surveying social Web sites. I never went back or use any of the others.

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When @sccrowell (my then girlfriend/now wife) purchased our iPhones, the sales rep at Apple showed her and she in turn showed me. See ya….Gary aka wtf

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I feel so anal but isn’t this more suited for the chatroom?

But to answer the question, I found it on a chatroom which the resident of still used.

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I was searching something about marijuana or sex (I seriously don’t rememberwhat was I searching) on google. I am a googler. Then I clicked on the link and showed me here. I was surprise at the answers given. Then I kind of stayed fluthering for like I don’t know, but I was clicking on questions and reading the responses. Then I asked a question about marijuana and yeah…I bacame a flutherite. This page is actually bookmarked. I had to remember the name! :)
Now fluther is a serious part of my world. I’m not joking.

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@whatthefluther Fluther can do magical things. :)

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@Saturated_Brain Fluther does tend to be high on navel gazing. It’s usually tolerated. By the way, I wonder where the navel on a jellyfish is?

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Other social websites seem to keep going bad or going out of business. When these things happen, a lot of people seem to end up at fluther. Fluther seems to keep on doing things right, although it is, as far as I know, still a labor of love for bendrew. Guys—are you making money, yet?

I think it would be really interesting for an historian of the internet to try to explain the rise and fall of social websites. A great dissertation there. Anyone working on it? Anthropologists? Historians?

Personally, I came here when Askville started getting to petty and competitive. Here it is easy to feel cared about and not put down. Askville changed its focus to commercial concerns and never dealt with its personality problems. It lost a lot of old members as a result. I am beginning to wonder if the ones who stayed are employees of the place. In particular, I wonder about Goldie.

I’m not sure what some of the other social networking sites died. Perhaps people who used to be at them could explain? Never mind. I’m going to ask the question.

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A friend from Assville invited me to try it out when Assville began to implode from the rampant stupidity. She saved me from the idiotic drama at Assville and gave me a new place to have fun, make friends and learn, all without the aforementioned drama.

I think I owe her an ice cream cone, or at least a cup of very expensive coffee.

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@Marina, right next to the genitalia. ;^)

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Slaps forehead! @evelyns_pet_zebra Oh, of course.

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I was searching in the app store when I came across a picture of a Jellyfish. I downloded this app without even knowing what it was about, the Jellyfish picture caught my eyes. So I downloaded it, then I opened it and saw that it was for asking questions and stuff, I deleted it because I thought I wouldn’t need it and there was alot of reading. But then a few days later I downloaded it again, I was pondering the idea of making an account, so I tried it, and i’ve been here everyday since then.

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I was honestly searching for stuff about jellyfish. That search went well.

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Fluther found me, back in the beta day.

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I was looking for former users of and found this lovely community.

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Haha,my sister found it on google and we’ve been going on it ever since :P

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one late night as i was actually doing my chemistry homework (wow! imagine that.), i was trying to find some answers on the interwebs. something about permanent markers i think. and voila. there was fluther in all of its jellyish glory. i never did find my chemistry answers, but i pulled an all-nighter on that fateful night and i haven’t slept since!

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