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How do I get a "not equal" sign on my keyboard?

Asked by gtponder (30points) September 9th, 2009

For use on my computer.

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There’s no single key on most keyboards, One option that i know of is to use the two angle-bracket keys in succession: <> Another is to use the caret as a “not” sign followed by the equals sign: ^=. i tend to prefer the first way because, except when expressing disjunction in a logical expression, i have a habit of reserving the caret for exponentiation; but using the caret before an equals sign is arguably unambiguous, so it’s really just out of habit that i prefer the first way.

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from character palette on Mac. I don’t know how to enlarge it. John Powell knows everything. He is the one to ask.

@barumonkey: Your link is from 2006/

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oh-oh, i’ve been outed as a Windrone!<grin>

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@LexWordsmith : I have no idea of what you are talking about. Can you tell me how to enlarge the characters on the character palette? I am sure there is a simple way. There always is.

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@gailcalled : my inaadvertently having let slip that i am not a Mac user (hence elite and tasteful), but instead a mindless Windozer.

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@barumonkey: Any way of doing it without buying a new keyboard?

@LexWordsmith: My condolences.

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for my living with a less classy order of technology, or for having let my lack of ambition slip?

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For WinXP: Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Character Map.

In the “Search for:” field at the bottom of the window, type in “not” or “equal” and it’ll subset the list for you nicely.

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If you’re using a Mac hit option + = to get the ’≠’ sign. If you’re using Windows hold alt while typing 2260 (it might be 8800 actually). Sorry I don’t have a Windows box in front of me right now…

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Edit; @robmandu knows everything. Ask him how to enlarge on OS 10.4

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@timtrueman, for Win, the key combo would be Alt+0172.

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@ttimtrueman: ≠≠≠≠≠≠. Can I enlarge it?

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@gailcalled, are you trying to enlarge it here on the Fluther page? Fluther’s textile won’t let you make things bigger, but you can use whisper to make them smaller.

Else, the not-equal sign is just a character like any other… just bump up the font size of your document.

Or do you intend something else?

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No to Fluther page. Just interested in general. (I am working on another proof of Fermat’s last theorem, now that I think of it. )

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@robmandu: Alt+0172: ¬
That sign means “not,” as opposed to “is not equal to.”

I think the closest thing you can get with an Alt code is Alt+216: ╪

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@timtrueman Alt + 8800 works in MS Word & XP

(Didn’t work in Fluther comments though…)

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@gailcalled :There are no second acts in American lives—rest on the laurels received for your first proof of FLT.

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It would need to be a unicode HTML character entity for it to work on Fluther. In HTML you can use ”& #8800;” without the space to get ”≠” on Fluther.

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@barumonkey, ah crud, indeed.

I don’t think there is a general use (nods @se_ven) Alt key combo to get the equal sign with a slash through it.

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On a mac hold the alt-key (option) and press the equal sign. ≠≠≠≠≠≠≠≠≠≠≠≠


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@whitenoise: See timtrueman at #11: ^^: “If you’re using a Mac hit option + = to get the ’≠’ sign.”

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