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What did you think of the Apple Keynote this September?

Asked by rawrgrr (1565points) September 10th, 2009

Where you excited to see Steve Jobs up on stage? Or even more surprised with all the new iPod nanos features (video camera, voice notes, pedometer, FM Radio..)? I am still so excited! What about you? Will you buy any of the new iPods?

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I was hoping for a iPod Touch with a camera. I actually put my current one on craigslist. At least I don’t have to sell my old one now.

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It was pretty lame I thought. I was expecting a camera and mic for the Touch, at least mine isn’t outdated now.

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@J0E, well the 32GB and 64GB models come with headphone sets with mic and remote already built in.

Not surprised that the rumors outstripped the delivery.

But, it is weird to me that there’s things the Nano can do now that the Touch cannot. Not just the video camera, but the FM radio (who saw that coming?) with Pause function and iTunes tagging. I guess there’s wi-fi-based app alternatives to the radio on the Touch, but still.

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It’s cool the nano is all teched out now, but with nothing awesome going on with the ipod touch it was kind of a letdown.

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@robmandu I would love it if my Touch had a FM tuner, that other stuff I could go without.

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It was nice to see Steve back.

I like what they’ve done with iTunes 9, except the new UI, it just looks a little cheap and way too shiny.

I was very surprised with Steve’s “One More Thing”. I would never expect the Nanos to be treated like that. I also figured that if Apple did make a play into the video camera market, they would at least offer something in HD. But, a 16GB video camera with Apple’s build quality for $179 isn’t too bad. Will I get one? Nope. I have a Kodak zi6 that I like very much.

I’m very surprised that the Touch didn’t get what the Nano got. If it did I would be very tempted to get the 64GB version.

A 160GB Classic that’s the same size as the 120GB version is nice to see. Will I get one of those? Possibly. If (‘when’ is probably the better word) I run out of space on my 120GB Classic.

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I’m glad to see Steve is back!! I think because of how high profile his transplant was, that maybe it will encourage people to make a decision on whether they want to be organ donors or not.

I’m not planning to buy a nano although my teenager is, ha ha and was frustrated to see they’ve rolled out yet another OS upgrade for the iPhone. I have an original iPhone, and never moved up to OS 3 because of all the negative feedback with crashes/locked phones/battery problems. So I guess now I’m even more far behind.

One thing I don’t understand is why they are equipping the nanos with an FM tuner. Do people out there still really listen to FM radio when they have a choice? Just curious…. so please don’t beat me over the head if you are a fan :P

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@mcbealer, not a bad play to wait past a .0 (say “dot oh”) release. But there’s no reason now not to upgrade to the 3.1 OS for iPhone. It’s free. It gives you lots more functionality. And more and more apps are beginning to require it.

P.S. And, as plugged in as I like to think I am on Mac/iPod/iPhone news, I’m surprised I haven’t heard of these widespread crash/lock/battery problems with 3.0 of which you speak. Unless you mean folks coming off a jailbreak? Or maybe perhaps some of the early betas?

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@robmandu ~ oh your words are music to my ears…. I keep checking the support discussion boards for the gen 1 iPhone and thinking why fix something that’s not broken? I mean, how important is cut and paste really? I’m at the point now though, where there are several apps I would like to have but would need to upgrade first. So ya think it’s the jailbrakers then?!?

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I really like iTunes 9, actually, I think the interface is crisp and sleek and the new store interface is excellent and very intuitive. The price drop in the Touch department keeps tempting me to buy a Touch, but I’m not quite there yet. Overall it was a lacklustre event though.

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First of all, It’s good to see that Steve is healthy, but I’m disappointed that there’s no camera on the iPod touch (and surprised that they put one on the iPod Nano )... But being a fan of the Halo series, I can’t wait for Gameloft’s new game, Nova.

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