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At what age should you really start wearing cardigans?

Asked by ASoprano (109points) September 12th, 2009

When you attain a certain age you start to dress like your parents but when do you stop dressing under your age group?Also what age should one start to cut ones eyebrows?

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It depends on how cool you feel – the cooler, the younger you can wear them.

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To each his own. There’s no “should” when it comes to how people dress.

I’ve been wearing cardigans since I was a kid, but I certainly don’t dress like my parents.

And what does to “cut ones eyebrows”? Do you mean plucking? Do you have especially hairy eyebrows?

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It depends at what point in your life you feel comfortable looking like someone’s therapist.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic: Do any of these ladies look like someone’s therapist to you? Maybe someone’s therapist who shops at Victoria Secret. That’s where the cardigan in link #1 is from…

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@La_chica_gomela If so, I hope therapist #1 is on my health plan.

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I am a jeans and t-shirt guy and I don’t think that’s gonna change.

However, I just bought a pair of spandex pants, so you never know. I do look good in spandex. I can feel it.

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Cardigans have been back in style for the young and hip for several years now. So i guess the answer to your question is 16.

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When your a baby , i have my old granda cardigan on as i type am 27

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Eyebrwws should be trimmed whenever they go wild! Men are usually the worst eyebrow offenders!

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@La_chica_gomela Two can play at this game!
(Of course when you put “kids” in you’re going to get 4-year-olds.)

I don’t think I’ll wear cardigans until I’m at least 50. For the record, until @lefteh said it, I’d never heard/seen that cardigans were for the “young and hip”. Guess I’m out of the loop.

As far as cutting your eyebrows? Um.. at whatever age they grow out of control. If you have a unibrow, fix it.

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I’m not grooming my eyebrows. I like the Zachary Quinto look I’ve have going over here.

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I just bought a cute cardigan with butterflies on it for a 5 year old. I’m 29 and have been wearing them since I was old enough to buy my own clothes. And I think a guy rocking the preppy look in a cardigan is hot.

Trim your brows when the need trimming.

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@Sarcasm: I never said teens couldnn’t or shouldn’t wear cardigans. I was pointing out that plenty of people under sixteen also wear cardigans. And yeah, I would agree that you’re out of the loop. ;-P

Of course I would get four-year-old, but I didn’t expect to get over a million hits worth of ‘kids cardigans’

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Cardigans = Whenever you like! It’s entirely possible to look awesome in a cardigan, or to look like Mr. Rogers. Who was awesome. So it’s a win-win.

Eyebrows = As soon as they grow outside of their natural parameters, trim those puppies for God’s sake!

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The trendsetting designers at American Apparel have had a lot to do with the resurgence in cardigans.

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I started wearing cardigans at 10.

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Whenever you finish knitting them !

(That’s the age you should start wearing them!)

(Of course, knitters know, cardigan = better sweater.)

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I should think it depends a bit on the cardigan. For example this neon one with leopard spots is probably a bit younger looking than this one.

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Humph. I had a cardigan when I was 16—45 years ago. I still think they look dorky.

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@Zuma, it depends on the cardigan, and what your definition of “cardigan” is.

As a girl, cardigans are great because I don’t have to worry about messing up my hair/makeup by pulling a sweater on/off over my head (and you don’t have to worry about your shirt sticking to your sweater!). Also (similarly), cardigans are easy to put on if you’re chilly, without having to resort to the big production that is putting on a sweatshirt or similar.

I, myself, have knit this cardigan (scroll down, it’s red) and adore it. (Mine is actually a gorgeous dark blue green, but it’s the same idea.)

Guys tend to avoid cardigans, I’ve noticed, unless the guy is really preppy. However, something like this is technically a cardigan but isn’t dorky at all (nor is it preppy!).

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I am NEVER going to dress like my parents.

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I dress like my mother. She typically wears blue jeans, a nice shirt, and comfortable German shoes. So do I. The only difference is that my German shoes are Birkinstocks and hers aren’t.

I don’t, however, dress like my dad.

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@evegrimm What no pockets? When someone says “cardigan” this is the sort of thing I think of, perhaps with an Argyle pattern to match your socks (for the truly fashion-conscious dork).

What you are showing are very cool but basically jackets made of a coarse knit. I would definitely wear them, but I wouldn’t call them cardigans although I suppose you probably could in a loose technical way.

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I’m 20, and I cut my eyebrows! But only because they are black, and when they get longer they look really messy. One of my pet peeves is when my eyebrows are messed up. My face looks so much better when they are orderly and neat and in the right position.

I also love cardigans. So much. I’m 80 at heart I guess.

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“Also what age should one start to cut ones eyebrows?”

Whenever they start blocking your vision.

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This is a cardigan as well, but that’s arguing about the use of a word.

To us knitters and crocheters, a cardigan is a sweater that fastens (or not) in the front, or to the side. It’s a blanket term.

Also, yes, my sweater does have a kangaroo pocket in the front. (As does the one on that webpage I put in my previous answer.) I’ve also knit this cardigan, but that one doesn’t have pockets.

I know you speak disparagingly of argyles, but this vest is pretty d*** awesome. (So is the scarf on the front of this book.)

P.S., the dictionary says it’s “a knitted sweater fastening down the front, typically with long sleeves.”

I’m not trying to pick a fight, just pointing out that there are some awesome cardigans out there.

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@Zuma: Well, if you Google image-search the word ‘cardigan’, it seems that the preponderance of people, especially fashion-industry people, who write the catalogues and magazines, are using it in the same way as @evegrimm.

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Cardigans go with your Godzilla t-shirt.

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When I was a girl, growing up in Colorado, there was not age limit on people wearing cardigans, if you are talking about the sweaters that button up in the middle. We all wore them, because there are very cold winters, with warm afternoons.

If cardigan means something different these days, I haven’t heard it.

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Cardigans are fine at any age…some cardigans are cooler than others. If all you can find is stodgy cardigans where you live, wear a hooded zippered sweatshirt for casual.

I have been cutting my eyebrows since I was 16 I think? My husband will probably never have to cut his, it depends on how long your eyebrow grow. Hell my mom made me sit down in 5th grade so she could pluck some eyebrows out of my head.

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I’ve been wearing cardigans for all of my life. They’re my favorite!

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