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What do people do if their unemployment benefits(including extension) ran out?

Asked by ESV (468points) September 14th, 2009 from iPhone

…and they can’t still find a job?

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The sad truth is that unless a person is very creative homelessness is a growing reality.
Durring the great depression there was“The Poor House.”
now our shelters are gI ing higher and higher populations of women and children and arefled to capacity. It is America’s shame and the legacy of the last 30 years “Government is bad” attitude.

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Work for McDonalds. Or Wal-Mart.

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There is no safety net. Apply to local agencies for help.

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The next step would be welfare if the person were looking for government assistance but that’s not advisable if there are other options.

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In California you can apply for General Assistance, which pays $336 per month. Of this $178 is sent directly to your landlord, leaving you $158 in food vouchers and enough bus tokens to get to and from your monthly meetings with your social worker.

GA is intended to provide just enough support so that your fellow citizens are spared the inconvenience of having to step over your dead body on the street. It is, of course, not enough to live on. You will have to make up the difference between bare survival and the lifestyle to which you would like to become accustomed by begging, dumpster diving, drug dealing, prostitution, or working under the table for whatever you can get.

Your social worker knows you can’t live on what the state provides, so they are aggressively inquisitive about your hidden sources of income. Any money you tell them about is deducted directly from your grant.

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Get a job. Many people have to work at two or three jobs just to pay their basic expenses. There are employers hiring every single day, so there are jobs available.

Most people have to lower their expectations about what kind of jobs they will take. Some have convinced employers to let them share a job, and each worker works ½ time. You have to be very creative in this economy, but it is doable.

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@YARNLADY ; the unemployment rate is over 10% and that doesn’t count the people whose benefits have expired. It’s a new world. The jobs are not there like they used to be, although I do agree that if you’re hungry you may need to swallow your pride and do a job that does not pay as well or have the status that you are accustomed to or that you anticipated.

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@Judi A 10% unemployed rate means that 90% of the people who want jobs have them. These figures cannot be exact, because many who want jobs have simply given up, and many of the 90% are underemployed. However, it is still true that 100’s of people get hired every single day. Those who have quit looking seldom get hired.

I personally know of six people who were hired in the past month, two as clerks in a veterinarian office, two in the IT department where Hubby works, and two (actually several, but only two I personally know) got hired at the Comcast help center.

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March on Washington. Beat up some teabaggers while you’re there.

@YARNLADY , according to what I read about an hour ago, , the effective unemployment rate is closer to 19%. This includes workers who are struggling to make ends meet in part-time jobs with no benefits. People who want jobs are not finding them, and it isn’t because they aren’t looking.

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Welfare ,co-habitation….just like the Waltons.

Nite grandpa….....nite John Boy!

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