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What is the difference between Adobe Photoshop CS and Elements?

Asked by xTheDreamer (881points) September 18th, 2009

I’ve used to have Adobe Photoshop CS3 and 4 awhile back but now I don’t have the program anymore since my old laptop crashed. Now I have Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 since it came with the drawing tablet that I’ve bought. I was wondering what is the difference between these two program? Is there some major difference or what? What does Photoshop CS have that Elements doesn’t or vice versa?

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Elements is pretty much a watered down version of photoshop with just the basic features

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500 dollars.

In terms of features though, this would be a fantastic article to read. As the article does state, there are features in Elements that are not included with CS4, making them slightly different programs. If you’re serious about designing then CS4 is definitely the way to go, it’s worth the extra money. If you don’t miss it all that much and only need it for hobbies, Elements will probably suffice; there are folks who have created add-ons for Elements to simulate some CS4 functions should you need them.

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I don’t have the answer; I have the same question. I want to learn Photoshop and plan to take some courses just as soon as I have the time and the money at the same time.

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