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Has anyone ever purchased prescription drugs online?

Asked by pattyb (786points) January 24th, 2008

I’m looking to save a few $‘s. Can anyone recommend a legitimate online pharmacy. How does it work if you need a prescription.

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Your insurance company can refer you to the online pharmacy they work with—that’s the one you should use. Your doctor writes you a prescription for a 3 month supply of the drug, and faxes it to the online pharmacy. (He may have to mail them the original as well.) They ship the drugs to you, and charge your credit card for the copay.

You generally save money because your insurance company copay for one three-month prescription is less than it would be for three one-month prescriptions.

There are also online pharmacies that are slightly shady in that they only bother with the prescription part enough to satisfy the law—they have an onsite doctor who writes prescriptions for anyone who orders them. You can probably save even more money there by avoiding the doctor’s visit and the checkup completely, but if you do that you’re risking your health and you’re in a legal grey area.

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Cwilbur is right about the insurance company recommending one. In some cases they even require one if you chose to go that route. If you have the choice, I reccommend Caremark. Normally, if you give a main order pharmacy your prescription information they can have it transferred pretty easily although they will often require a faxed or mailed copy of the prescription depending on the circumstance. Even compared to a walk-in pharmacy’s three month copay, a mail order pharmacy is almost always cheaper. At least, that has been my experience. Maybe it has to do with reduced overhead? Anyway, hope this helps.

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I have once but you have to be careful.
Do a search on the company before you purchase anything!
There are several forums out there that actually have a blacklist for bad
drug companies.Make sure to do your research before you make an order!

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