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Home or apartment owners: what do you need a maid for?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7785points) September 24th, 2009

man, if we could afford a maid, i’d send her/him straight to the kitchen and the bathrooms.

what places in your crib do you need extra attention that you just can’t seem to get to week in and week out? only if you had a maid or housekeeper, you’d be set! your life could go on!

can you afford the maid? nanny? housekeeper? gardener?

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i have a cleaning lady who comes every two weeks. i am a single mom who works full time and i have over an hour commute to and from work each way, so when i come home i’m not cleaning, it’s dinner, bath for baby and put baby to bed. the cleaning lady is a real life saver. she gets the whole house clean at once, which i could not do ever on my own.

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Definitely the floors. I’m not terribly cluttered and I clean counters, tables, and the stove regularly, but I usually just watch as my floors in every room get dirtier and dirtier and can never muster the motivation to sweep, swiffer, mop or otherwise clean them.

Definitely couldn’t afford it though. I’m in graduate school, so I’m happy when I can afford food and occasional booze! (Or is it booze and occasional food…?)

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We apparently have somebody come by every 2 or 3 weeks to cut our few square feet of lawn in the front yard.

I’d love if we could have somebody to keep control of the sink, as well as the kitchen counters.

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@fireinthepriory yup, i would say hook up the floors and the counters. oh and the stove and the walls. wash the walls. especially in kitchen area.

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I have a great housekeeper. She does everything except the laundry (I think I need to hire a valet for that~.)
also have a gardener, a pool service and a personal trainer so I guess I can’t complain much about the laundry.

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Bathroom, kitchen and floors. I’ll do the rest.

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I just need someone to spank.

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since i cook so often for family and “chef/cater” on the side, my kitchen needs to be immaculate and sanitized daily. i could get so much more done if i had a sous chef or a maid. i’m in the market…

a MAID, not a hot mistress, all you out there who see the hollywood potential.

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Need is a strong word, but if I could afford it, my place is so tiny, it wouldn’t take them long to just do everything…

The only thing I actually NEED someone else to clean is the damn air ducts! It smells gross, and I’m allergic to mold.

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I refuse to pay somebody to do something I can do myself.

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@La_chica_gomela i need somebody to paint interior and exterior with no dropped paint and trim like a paint job in a 4-star hotel room. air ducts? yeah, like a paint job, i understand your need.

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To walk around in a skimpy French maid outfit of course.

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@AstroChuck somehow i knew you’d go there.

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I don’t need a maid.

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Just let the Maid cut the lawn!

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I had a maid a couple years ago. She came in every Friday and did easy stuff like laundry, dishes, dusting, vacuuming, mirrors and such. I had her simply because I had a 3 hour total commute each day. I hated using my weekends to clean so it was worth the money for me!

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Laundry, floors, windows, walls, and under furniture. I hate doing laundry because with five of us, it’s just never done. I have a pretty good handle on clutter and day-to-day cleaning, but I so rarely get around to doing windows and under furniture that when I do, it’s disgusting.

I hate cleaning the floors because as soon as I do, someone spills something, runs inside with cruddy shoes, visits with their dog, spills something, etc. It seems like so much effort with so little reward. And I get really pissed off because it’s usually me that’s spilling stuff.

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@ratboy I collaborated with Bob Coover at Brown. He was a Prof of mine and did some text for an installation of mine. Wow.

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I’d much rather have more time and money myself than hire a nanny or maid – these are not jobs with much opportunity for people and I wouldn’t want to hire anyone that I can’t provide health insurance for and that’s expensive

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Rather than clean the place up myself, I’d rather spend the $60—$70 it costs to have a cleaning lady come in every two weeks. For a three bedroom apartment with two bathrooms, that’s cheap.

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No maid but a person to come in once a week to do the bathrooms, carpets and laundry would be awesome.

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I pay $15 an hour to a single mom to do the heavy part of the housekeeping that I can’t keep up with, like cleaning out the refrigerator, and – last week – the oven. She keeps the bathrooms clean, and moves furniture to vacuum behind.

I pay a college student to do the heavy outdoor work, but he’s been so busy with school, he hasn’t been able to come over since school started.

I also pay a pool maintenance man to take care of the pool.

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Wow, I married a woman to help me with the chores, and since we have no pool, we really don’t need to have hired help of any kind. Besides, who has that kind of money? Isn’t that what people have kids for? That’s why my parents had kids, to do the household chores.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra : In that case, my housekeepers grew up and moved out. :^>

Some things I actually like doing and some things I don’t mind. It would be great to have someone to do the dirtier jobs—toilets, floors, and cleaning that spill in the fridge you didn’t notice until you came back from vacation. Yikes! Having someone clean the gutters would be good or trim the taller trees.

I don’t have the money for that, but if I did I’d probably have a better way to spend it anyway.

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I HATE TO CLEAN. I don’t mind cooking and the laundry but I HATE TO CLEAN. So I would love to have someone come in once a week to clean. I always did but here there is no one to do it. But when I get back civilization…...........

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I can’t wait until my kids are all old enough to do more chores. They are 10, 6, and 4. The oldest does things like dust, put dishes away, and set the table. She cleans her own room, while the youngest still need a bit of help to get the job done right. The two oldest put their own laundry away, and the youngest helps me put his laundry away. They all help with cleaning up their messes around the house, like the toys, books, and art supplies they use each day.

My husband helps a lot around the house when he’s home, but with his crazy schedule that isn’t much. I’ve certainly noticed the lack of his contributions lately, with him working out of town the past several weeks.

When I was pregnant with our third child, we had a college girl come over once a week to dust, vacuum, and mop. We kept that up until my youngest was a toddler, and it was a big help.

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I most certainly do not NEED a maid. I’m home most days while my fiancĂ© works so I have plenty of time to clean the house. But one thing I’m not so great at is keeping our beautiful garden alive. When we bought this place the old owners had a lush garden if greens and flowers. Slowly but surely they seem to be dying off. If I had the money I’d hire a gardener for sure.

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since hiring a cleaning lady about six months ago, i have found from discussing it with my coworkers that a lot of people at work have cleaning ladies (cleaning staff, housekeepers, whatever you call it). these are not rich people, but regular working people who don’t have time or energy to clean on their two days off. having a cleaning lady is not something i ever found out about people until i got one myself and brought the topic up in conversations with people.

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@jca When I was working, I counted it this way, I worked two days to cover taxes, two days for living expenses, and Friday was just for me and my housekeeper.

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To clean up after my wife

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