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Why would his temperature be so low after having a high temperature a few days ago?

Asked by badcrampswondergirl (7points) September 28th, 2009

I know a 14 yr old that had a high temp and was sick. Now feeling better but he has a low fever of 95 or 96. I was wondering why his temp got so low or what he can do?

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Some people have a naturally low temperature, but also a low temperature can indicate that the person is still ill.

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The “normal” body temperature is only a guideline. I always run two to three degrees low – have all my life.

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Call the advice nurse and ask. I believe most health care providers have a 24 hour assistance line. It could mean a number of things, or maybe nothing.

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I too have always run low…96.3 or thereabouts. But check with your doc. tomorrow AM unless you think there is an emergency.

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Often I have a low temp following a high temp. Check it out, but it’s probably normal.

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Hypothermia (or low temperature) is potentially as dangerous if not more so than fever (it suggests an inadequate response to infection). However, a temperature of 96°F probably doesn’t qualify, and if as you say the child is feeling better, the relatively low temperature is probably a normal rebound from the previous hyperthermia. In a couple of days (assuming the child doesn’t have a secondary infection), his temperature will be back to his baseline.

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Teens are going through so many hormoneal changes, their bodies are all wonky. Never hesitate to call his pediatrician for every question, no matter how mundane it might be. They need as much medical attention as you can afford.

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