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What sense are you most grateful for today?

Asked by chicadelplaya (2213points) September 28th, 2009

Just a few hours ago I was sitting at my computer with the window open, when I heard a splash in the pool. As I listened I realized it was our 18 year old small dog. She is visually impaired and just walked right into the deep end of the pool. By the sound of the slow splashing, it was clear she wasn’t quite strong enough to stay afloat for long and swim to safety. Naturally I flew outside and jumped in to save her. Whew! I feel so lucky to have been sitting in my bedroom as opposed to anywhere else in the house. Otherwise, she very well would have been found at the bottom of the pool.

This is why, today, I am so grateful to be able to hear.

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I too am grateful you can hear!

I grateful for my sight. It enabled me to see relatives I have not seen in a long time.

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I am grateful to have all my senses and to be living.

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I am grateful for my sense of humor.

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Sense of humor.

It’s been very stressful in the blond house recently and we’ll take any humor that will help us forget our troubles.

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That freeway would’ve been a mess if I couldn’t see it.

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My spidey sense 

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I am grateful to have the sense that lets me know my bowels and bladder are full.

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…Ever have a hunch, an instinct or an intuition? ..... I’m grateful for that ‘sixth sense’....

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Everyday I can see I am grateful.

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To pick one sense is almost impossible. I guess the sense I most dread to lose would be my sight. Daily, especially in the summer months, I enjoy watching the deer walk and frolic on my back lawn with the woods in the background. Now that the seasons are just starting to change, the smell of the autumn air brings back memories of childood. Last night my husband watched some of his favorite sit-coms and laughed out loud, LOUD being the operative word, which always makes me smile. I went through several years of chronic pain so the lack of pain amazes me every day, and even better touching and feeling things that feel good feel that much better now. Last night the comfort of the fresh sheets on my bed was really appreciated. I’m grateful every day for my senses.

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@AstroChuck And we’re all grateful that you have that sense, too.

I guess today it’d be sight. The sun’s shining, leaves are falling & fall has arrived in Iowa.

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I like having a sense of proportion—not in the feng shui sense, but in knowing how things relate to each other.

Of course, I can’t pick one sense over another, but let me put in a plug for a sense of touch. My whole body is sensitive, and can feel so many different things, and learn so much about the world that way. Even if I couldn’t see or hear or smell or taste, I would still be able to know where I ended and the world began. Without that, I think I’d miss more than a sense; I’d miss my life.

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Sense of touch, without it, I would have burned the crap out of my hand on that hot pan. I hate being burned, worst pain their is.

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Spelling Nazis Unite! that should be worst pain there is.

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Grateful to be alive.

Everything else is a mixed bag of tricks.

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Touch, always the sense of touch.

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Probably my eyesight (seeing). I couldn’t imagine a world where I couldn’t see anything and I don’t even like thinking about how frightening that would be.

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@Bluefreedom if you ever lose your eyesight and need a ‘guide dog’, let me be the first to sign up! I’ll lead you down the most interesting roads, my friend.~

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@evelyns_pet_zebra. I’ll bet you could and it would be a great ride. =)

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Photoreceptors. I love to be able to see the beautiful world around me, including the people in it with me.

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Grateful to be employed in my field and not flipping burgers.

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