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Why do I still have dandruff?

Asked by jaketheripper (2773points) October 1st, 2009

I have been using “head and shoulders: dry scalp care” shampoo for a few years now. I wash my hair every day and that has kept the dandruff away, until a few weeks ago. I haven’t changed much in my routine. I’m at college now and my diet’s a little different than 2 months ago, but this didn’t happen at college last year. I’ve also been occasionally wearing a hat, but it’s not like an every day thing.
Anyone know why I still have dandruff?

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Take a few days off from using any shampoo as it sounds like it’s irritating your scalp.

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Our bodies change over time from one year to the next. Try a different brand or formula of shampoo, until you find one that seems effective now.

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Everyone “has” dandruff. It is a completely natural process that has been “medicalized” by the advertising industry in order to sell unnecessary products to consumers.

There are such things as dermatological conditions of the scalp; these are relatively rare, treatable, and do not resond to over-the-counter “dandruff” products.

Try wearing lighter clothing.

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It might not be dandruff – could be psoraisis. Try alternating T-Gel and Nizoral every other day.

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my boyfriend and I both have this issue… extremely clean heads, but dandruff.

Oddly enough, we discovered that we both do the exact same thing and it helps a lot… we alternate two different dandruff shampoos every other day. One day we use Head and Shouders, and the next day one of the more “powerful” shampoos. I use T-Gel… I don’t remember which one he uses. It helps a LOT because the alternating keeps the residue away for the most part.

and if you happen to use Denorex, keep your eyes closed. I don’t know what they put in that stuff, but it smells like acid, and the one time I used it, the fumes burned my eyes so bad they were red and weeping when I got out of the shower

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Cause your skin is still dying, and those treatments don’t really work .

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Well, you shed skin all the time. In the scalp too. No shampoo in the world will change that.

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You’re in college, which suggests that you’re somewhere between 18 and 25. You’re still in the tail end of puberty, which means hormone changes are still going on. You’ll probably be in your late 20s before everything completely finishes settling down.

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You may just have really dry skin. I do. And during the colder days it gets really bad. After every shower I need to apply a lot of lotion to my face or it peels all over.

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I have a skin condition that makes my skin dry and flaky so it’s not the greasy kind of dandruff its the dry kind. does anyone know how to best treat that?

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Go to the hair care section of your local drugstore, they should carry Tea Tree Oil for your hair (I think Hollywood Beauty is the most common brand). It’ll do wonders for your scalp and hair. Some places also sell Tea Tree Oil shampoo.

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Try not wearing the hat at all for a few weeks. That kind of thing can make a big difference. My dad gets the worst dandruff for the next week if he wears a hat one day, especially if he sweats under it, ewwww. Might work for you, might not.

A few others have given you good recommendations for shampoo already, here’s mine: Neutrogena’s Triple Defense Dandruff shampoo. It’s nice because it clears the dandruff but doesn’t dry my scalp out like some others. Having a super-dry scalp makes mine worse.

Personally, I hate Tea Tree Oil shampoos. I’ve tried several. They all left my hair feeling brittle, dry, completely tangled, dull-looking, and my scalp very oily. Not good.

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Shave your head.

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Simple question. Do you brush your hair every day with a comb or hard bristle brush?
It’s necessary for ridding oneself of dandruff.

You can also use coconut oil on your scalp which will moisten it and help with the dandruff.

Other than that it could be a medical condition in need of a Dr.s treatment.

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Try DHS zinc shampoo. You might have a mild case of eczema and wearing a hat will make your scalp sweat more and irritate the eczema.

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