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How can you make a good dream instead of having bad ones?

Asked by Sisa (171points) October 2nd, 2009 from iPhone

Is there anything you can control ur dreams? my boyfriend had a dark past and he’s a good actor showing realms in depression state at competitions. He hardly have any good dreams. He had dreamt of me dying and alot of relatives he also dreamt of them dying. So is there any good ways instead of having bad dreams? He wants to have good dreams as I did.

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I had that problem before. Before I go to sleep I think constantly about something I love or I want real bad. I say it to myself. This is what you do when ur at that part of sleep where you can’t keep your eyes open. Just repeat over and over to yourself what is you love or want. you do that until you fall asleep and you’ll dream about it. I dreamed that i was with my boyfriend on a beach just us and it was very relaxing. I use to dream about family members or friends dying and usually someone else would die foreal. It was scary. but now It doesn’t happen.

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Power of suggestion. Keep it simple, not detailed. Tell him that when he goes to sleep tonight that he will dream of you and he will remember it and be able to tell you tomorrow what it was all about. Suggest that it be pleasant.

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Get a dreamcatcher. (Probably works on the power of suggestion or placebo effect) but if it works, it works.

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Thanks saddlebag! I told him that he’ll dream of me and he did last night. He dreamt of sleeping with me while his parents are away at camp. :)

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