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Where can I find the best photo editing software?

Asked by ParkerWallace (4points) January 29th, 2008

I’m a new photographer. I would like to edit my photos using Adobe. However, I find it too complicated. Is there an alternative to Adobe?

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I’ve been an avid user of Picnik since most of my photos are uploaded at Flickr. Here’s a great Picnik tutorial if you’re planning on using Picnik. This program is great for amateur photographers because it’s not as complicated as Adobe plus no fancy-schmancy tools. However, if you’re on dial-up, forget it.

Good luck!

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Picasa is great, especially for photo albums and the like. Not only can it organise your photos, but the program makes it easy to edit them (it works much like a photo kiosk in terms of ease of use). It also has good publishing features – you print them, make photo discs, web albums, or more.

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Adobe makes lots of different products… I assume you meant hat Photoshop might be difficult… My best recommnedation is to get yourself a copy of Photoshop Lightroom, their newest streamlined software for photographers that is totally intuitive to use. That will take care of your entire workflow, from capture to edits to prints to web uploading. Very easy to use and simple intrface.

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i agree with willy, but Gimp is also a good program. it’s similar to photoshop but a little bit easier to get to learn from the start, and is also free.

however, if you really want to get serious with photo editing you should definitely take the time to get familiar with photoshop. i love it so much haha.

so yeah

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GIMP is a very nice photo editing program (if you don’t need those super-features that Photoshop has – those features are only nessecary to professionals), and it’s free. You can also try Pixel, it it’s not free, but it’s cheap (check out the site).

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GIMP…Need help?
paint dot net is handy also.

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as a professional photographer…I would not be afraid of photoshop. It is still the standard and the complications that you have will be invaluable when you know how to use them. I would recommend learning the best program you can. If budget is of concern then that’s a different story. But…If you have or can get your hands on photoshop use it. There are some awesome books on it that are great for learning and/or reference.

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I have to agree with vanguardian. Though it can be quite intimidating at first, Photoshop will allow you to do more with your photos (probably more than you’ll ever need, but it’s kind of like owning a really fast car and driving slowly—it’s just nice to know that you can) than any other program. I’ve been using Photoshop for about ten years now, and while the learning curve is quite steep at first, it gets easier. I’m very familiar with it and still find new things to do with it, but it only took me a short time to become comfortable with it.

In addition to the many books on the program, there are also many free tutorials online that walk you step-by-step through various procedures. They are great for stimulating your creative side. That’s how I “aged” my photo that I use for my avatar. See, still learning! (Of course you can’t see the awesome details in the small thumbnail image).

My suggestion is to use whatever program you’re comfortable with for now, but take some time to get familiar with Photoshop. I think you’ll be more than pleased.

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For me, there’s no such thing as perfect, you choose the software based on what editing work you want to do. Photoshop is super, but it’s just not that easy for beginners to edit photos. Well, i use PhotoStudio, easy and satisfy my demands. You may want to find some info about the ps here:

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