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What do I obsess over now that the election's been won?

Asked by bob (3193points) November 8th, 2006
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time to enjoy--and now get to work.
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the size of this years soybean crop in Brazil
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how much botox nancy pelosi will get next time around
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nancy is a gorgeous, stately new grandma--with no wrinkles
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there are a million issues.. and hopefully you'll find something to put your efforts into.. elections are never fully won because you've always gotta prepare for the next... what issues got you interested in this election in the first place? maybe we should start with that question--
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your fingernails. sex. the state of your home. global warming. madonna's next career move.
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Well -- if things aren't going so badly up there in government-land, I'd like to not worry about it, since worrying about it takes up brain power and isn't very productive. When it was only the Republicans in power, and when nobody in power would admit that we are losing two wars -- it was hard not to think about that, and to hope and pray that someone would come to their senses. But I like having my brain back, and I'd like to put it to good, non-obsessive, everyday use. Solve-the-Reimann-hypothesis sort of stuff. Write the greatest poem and greatest short story the world has ever seen. Those things.
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But there was an emptiness a few days after the election, where I had too much time on my hands and didn't have things to think about. It was a strange relief.
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How the universe was created, really. How did the Big Bang really happen?
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NCAA Basketball.
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So, time has passed – what did you decide to obsess over?

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