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Should I buy a special seatbelt contraption so my 8-month-old can fly more safely?

Asked by lilakess (789points) November 8th, 2006
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I think they are a pain to use, it is one more thing to carry/pack and you will be up and down with the baby anyway!
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Do you mean an infant carseat?
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they have special seat belt things that attach to the main seatbelt
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Does it make it easier to fasten in the carseat?
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maybe, but then you've got to lug the car seat with base around
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I heard an NPR story about the woman who invented the airplane infant seat
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Is the danger if the plane crashes or more about turbulence?
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I think turbulence. I now assume if the plane goes down it's curtain, seatbelt or no...
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now here's another issue. I can't remember which question I was last in, with all the people?
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It's really a numbers game and how comfortable you feel with your baby potentially _potentially_ hitting the ceiling of the aircraft (and, then of course, landing somewhere). Let me just say here, that I have flown an awful lot (I used to be a consultant flying at least 2 flights/week), but am a self-admitted lover of two-dimensions. I was not meant to move vertically... That said, I don't know the stats on extreme air turbulence, but I've flown on probably 200 or so flights and on 2 of them, people hit the ceiling. One flying into Denver (a flight that scared me out of flying for a while) and one into Houston. Air Stewards are now required to strap in during turbulence because a few have really hurt themselves by not being strapped down (broken backs, etc, from landing on the arms of chairs, etc.). The problem isn't just turbulence, but the sudden unexpected 'atmospheric events' where planes freefall due to lack of air resistance. These are rarely, if ever, reported to the public. But, if we go on my personal experience, there's a 1% chance your kid will hit the ceiling.
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Wow, this kid is a teenager now.

August 21, 2019

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