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What's your favorite Halloween activity?

Asked by poofandmook (17295points) October 13th, 2009

This has probably been asked in previous years, but there are always new people coming in.

My best friend Lauren and I like to hit up a bunch of different attractions around the tri-state area. We did Nightmare every year on Stanton street in NYC, but last year it sucked so we’ve removed that from our list. We tried Blood Manor (also in NYC) last year and loved it, so we’re going back again. We also did Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia just after Halloween, and we may go back this year, depending on finances. We always have a nice dinner also. It’s become a tradition for the last several years… it’s unheard of that we would not do some “haunted” thing.

What do you like to do for Halloween?

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Turn off the lights and not answer the door.

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Well, nowadays I really like going to Halloween parties (which usually involves getting dressed up); it’s fun to be out on that night. I also enjoyed handing out candy the few times I did it with my friends (and TPing my friend’s house that one time…lol)

And I still like pumpkin carving. I got so nostalgic when I saw pumpkin carving kits at Rite Aid because it reminded me of how my parents used to get those for us. :( We would all sit around the dining table and carve pumpkins together…fun times… :)

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Well it used to be getting all sorts of dressed up and going to the NYC Halloween Parade and then to the midnight showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show – but now it’s all about the chocolate and dressing up the babies

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We have a toddler that loves to dress up. We’ve decorated the house, and yard. Next weekend begins his Trick or Treat extravaganza. He wants to go out at least 5 different times.

We’ll go to the “Boo At The Zoo”, “Haunted Museum”, my sister’s neighborhood, our neighborhood, and our church’s “Halloween Festival”...possibly more!

This weekend we plan on going to at least one decorated pumpkin farm, too (we’ve been to a couple already).

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Tour the “haunted houses” in san diego and go to certain neighboorhood known for oth their christmas and halloween decorations as well as their ouwn little haunted trails and such.

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Every fall I take “my” kids to a farm in rural CO. There are hayrides, corn mazes, animals to pet, candy apples, and a big pumpkin patch. We always have such a great time, and it’s become one of my favorite fall traditions.

I also really like piling on fun makeup and wearing costumes my mom would have never let me out of the house in when I was a kid. :)

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smoke and not answer the door

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@SpatzieLover are you in NYC..we’re going to Boo at the Zoo as well

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir I wish! Nope, we’re going to the Milwaukee County Zoo here in Wis

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The men’s club in our town hosts an annual haunted house and haunted trail through the woods that is very popular in central Illinois. It’s called Spook Hollow and is celebrating it’s 30th year now. They also have hayrack rides, a large bonfire and host a costume contest. We try not to miss it.

My favorite activity is going trick or treating with my children though. If the weather is nice we will stay out for hours.

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When I was in school, my favorite thing was to go to the local halloween party and hookup with the hawt little sexay kitty cat girl.

My least favorite thing was later finding out what she looked like without the costume.

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Going to a big Halloween party on 30 October, then on Halloween afternoon, I’m going to the Museum of Natural History and do art projects and hand out treats to kids (maybe in costume, we’ll see) and then that night go to a lower key party.

I used to go to the big parade on 6th Avenue through the Village every year, and even was in it a few times, but I’m bored with it now.

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Buy candy.
Give out candy.
Get candy.
Eat candy.
Did I mention candy?

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This year, it will be seeing Pearl Jam in Philly!

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@tinyfaery You forgot to mention how fresh that candy is…Mmmmmm! ;P

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My favorite part of Halloween is going to the orchard and making a big production out of finding some perfect pumpkins. There’s a hay maze, kettle corn, and apple cider. The pictures we take of our trip to the orchard are always beautiful. Must be the fall sunlight and the fall colors.

That was a total lie. My favorite part of Halloween is eating the kids’ trick or treat candy after they go to bed.

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@MissAusten they won’t miss those Butterfingers & Snickers, anyway!

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Yes, and someday when they are responsible for their own dental care they’ll actually thank me!

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My favorite Halloween thing is actually when my parents have a bonfire in the yard on halloween. It’s really fun to sit around the fire drinking a beer and take my little brother and sister trick-or-treating. This is actually one of the few times I like hanging out with my parents.

Later in the evening, I’ve done different stuff every Halloween. One year I went to a zombie walk, which was awesome. One year I didn’t celebrate Halloween at all, but celebrated the Dia de los Muertes on nov. 1 instead. That night we drove up to the graveyard and left offerings of food and wine for the dead late at night. I don’t really like the halloween party scene. It’s basically an excuse for people to wear slutty/ cheesy/ statement halloween costumes and get shitfaced at stupid bars. I’m a party person, but Halloween is like new years- amateur night.

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I like to get together with @eponymoushipster and @PretentiousArtist , turn the lights off, pass a joint and a bottle of tequila, hear kids come to the door and knock and ring the bell, then hear the disappointment in their voices as they walk away dejectedly saying “I guess no one is home” and try not to bust out in laughter. I won last year….they both could not contain their laughter beyond the first few groups of kids. Rumor has it, tho, that the monkey man has been practicing by inviting friends over to his home and then pretending he is not there. And the artist reports he got a hold of some killer shit for this year’s get-together so we’ll just have to see how this one plays out.. See ya…Gary/wtf

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Weed’s not my thing, man

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Its at the monkey man’s home this year but I don’t think he’ll mind you doing your crack or meth or what-have-you.

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I like to decorate, but my favorite thing is handing out candy and seeing the creative costumes. Sadly, where we live now there aren’t many children that come to our house. On the plus side, more Snickers for meeeeeee!

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Tying ring donuts to edible shoe laces then hanging them up and trying to eat them without touching them!!!

Alos bobbing for apples

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@eponymoushipster – You got that right!

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Eat all the candy that is not given out. (Damn those greedy little monsters!)

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Every year, all of the people in my dorm dress up like zombies, walk to popular places around campus, and dance to Michael Jackson’s thriller en masse.

Here is one video of the tradition.

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@ekans: If you’re being serious, that’s probably the coolest thing I’ve heard so far lol

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Working in the haunted house. It’s so much fun. I love scaring the shit out of others :)

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Eating candy then washing it all down with rum.

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@eponymoushipster…..Of course they are bad. Not to worry….he doesn’t know where you live….I gave him @Blondesjon ‘s address as yours. See ya…..Gary/wtf

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Pour barrels of candy corn into my mouth. Carve pumpkins. Go to parties dressed ridiculously. Zombie fy myself…

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Taking candy from babies.

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stay home and do nothing.

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The annual Zombie walk!!

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I like to dress up as a burrito and get free food at Chipotle. And since I look twelve years old, I can still get away with trick-or-treating . . . it’s one of the few perks.

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@IBERnineD I just went to our zombie walk on Sunday! So muchfun :)

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the saturday before Halloween at the piazza near my place here in philly they’re attempting to have the largest group ever doing the thriller dance. pretty crazy stuff.

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@eponymoushipster…..Saturday/Sunday, October 24th/25th, Thrill The World 2009 will be worldwide…..check this out for times and locations. See ya…Gary/wtf

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Did anyone say candy. ;)

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@whatthefluther oh, cool. i didn’t realize it was global.

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candy, candy, candy

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@whatthefluther @eponymoushipster OH MY GOD thank you for opening my eyes to this event i want to participate ever so badly!

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@deni video or it didn’t happen! ;)

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@eponymoushipster oh you’ll get a video, just wait!

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@eponymoushipster….Rumor has it the video will also contain an abundant use of baby oil….but, I could be mistaken. See ya…..Gary/wtf

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@whatthefluther i noticed you didn’t mention your love for candy corn on this thread….....i feel betrayed :(

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@deni…I am extremely careful to release only minute bits of my identity and being, at a time. But now that you have exposed me, I’ll admit it: I live for candy corn and baby oil (the latter shared with @sccrowell….she doesn’t care for the former). See ya…Gary/wtf

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@whatthefluther ;D Then you’ll love this song as much as my son does (he looks forward to it each Halloween…make certain you watch the whole video ;)

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Aww…that’s cute. And it seems people either love or hate candy corn. Personally, I love it. I also love those pumpkins that are made out of the same material. Don’t really like chocolate candy corn though. Brach’s makes a bag with regular, chocolate, and the pumpkin kind. I usually just eat the chocolate ones last because they’re not my favorite, but they’re toleraable. :)

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What does he know about candy? He’s a moose

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@DominicX You & my son are very much alike ;) He loves those pumpkin ones (he made me buy cupcakes that were decorated w/them…then just ate the pumpkins), and the corn ones…I bought the chocolate ones & he said “Chocolate candy corns?” with an expression that basically told me not to make THAT mistake again ;D

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@whatthefluther What do you do with the baby oil and candy corn?? Sounds sticky but fun.

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This thread has gone seriously awry.

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Ha…that sounds like something I would do because I don’t even like cupcakes. :)

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@DominicX: I’m sorry, but I can not even FATHOM there being a person on earth who doesn’t like cake. O.o

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Well, I don’t mind cake like raspberry-filled cake, chocolate dream cake, etc. but I don’t really like frosting that much (especially the thick birthday cake frosting used on cupcakes), so there’s really no reason for me to like cupcakes. I’d definitely rather have an eclair, a brownie, a cookie, or a slice of pound cake.

As a kid every time I would have a birthday cake (on my birthdays I always wanted Funfetti cake), I would have a slice, but I would eat around the frosting.

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@DominicX Are you my son? ;D He doesn’t like anything to be “too sweet” like he says frosting is…Thus, his fav treats are really expensive truffles

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@SpatzieLover….Thank you for the video….what a delight! Actually @deni , @Beta_Orionis and I, discuss the virtues of candy corn here and we’re even contemplating a future book on the subject. But as @tinyfaery remarked, this thread has gone seriously awry. But in response to @janbb ‘s question, I’ll point out that baby oil is a common theme in quite a few of my responses so a search would undoubtedly result in many a suggestive use of the fine slippery substance. And now we are talking cake?! And @Zen just brought up the frizzer on that question of using rabbits for fuel! Obviously no one here is suffering from the mid-week blues.
So I say we celebrate: PANCAKES for all!!!
See ya….Gary/wtf

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Pancakes in the ocean for all!!

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@janbb: CERTAINLY worth them getting soggy ;)

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Pumpkin patches
pumpkin carving
corn mazes
hay rides
handing out candy
getting good pumpkin beer
there are so many traditions that I love.

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@tinyfaery LOL! That made me smile.:)
Getting and eating candy.
Dressing up and scaring people.
Running away from scaring people…
I was trick or treating a long time ago and there was a scary zombie stalking me and I ran for my life and screaming and freaking out and everyone stared laughing at me…=/

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For my first State Street Halloween at UW-Madison freshman year, I dressed like a 1950s high school girl: ponytail, loafers and white socks, plaid wool pencil skirt, the whole bit. I was barely on the street for a minute when a guy dressed like a giant pink penis (no manscaping in those days, either) swept me off my feet and carried me all the way down from North Francis to North Fairchild, whereupon I jumped out of his arms, thanked him and went to a party nearby. I couldn’t see if he was cute, so I decided not to risk it.

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Dressing up and trick-or -treating. duh

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My daughter is grown now, but, for years we had big family halloween parties and the most fun was my ( our ) pet goose ‘Marwyn’, who is turning 13 this year and his ‘Super goose’ costume.
I made him a blue silk cape with big letters SG, for super goose! lol

He was the hit of the neighborhood when we would take him to my ex sister-in-laws ritzy development for trick or treating.

He would follow us to every door and people gave him bread and water. :-D
He was just like a toddler and had to be carried part way home after a long night of trick or treating. Haha

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