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What is the most advanced computer intelligence in our world?

Asked by google (36points) October 14th, 2009

What is the most startling display of computer intelligence that your have ever seen? For instance, Honda’s humanoid robot ASIMO can move through the world intelligently as a biped. Include any links if you have them. Thanks!

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I edited my answer – I lurve mattbrowne too much to even joke about him.

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I think computers can do some amazing things, but I don’t think any of them classify as intelligence. What are you defining that as? The ability to follow a detailed set of instructions?

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IBM’s Deep Blue – defeated world chess champ Gary Kasparov and is now turning, I believe to helping decode the human genome…...

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@virtualist Deep Blue was indeed advanced, but a lot of time has past, you’d think there would be an upgrade or something.

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@timothykinney what do you think your brain is? the most complicated computer in the known world. It’s just a biological computer.

I think he’s just suggesting the most complicated and advance computer, whether that be AI or not I couldn’t tell you.

But my input? IBM’s toy was pretty groundbreaking. Quantum computing is what’s going to take over where Moore’s Law ends, the mechanics are absolutely astonishing.

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I don’t know about intelligence, but as far as computing power, University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana is currently making a new super-computer to be completed in 2011. Just before I graduate, lucky me. It is called Blue Waters, and it will be capable of performing a thousand trillion mathematical operations a second, most in the world.

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If you take the Turing Test seriously, there’s David Levy’s chatbot that won the 2009 Loebner Prize.

I tend to side with Jeff Hawkings these days and agree that Turing has wrong-footed us here. These chatbots probably won’t lead us to genuine general-purpose machine intelligence, just better chatbots.

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@ABoyNamedBoobs03 I personally believe that the human brain is completely different from a machine that follows detailed instructions. If it wasn’t true we would be a lot closer to solving the Strong AI Problem

The whole issue of neuroses, psychoses, subconscious dreaming, and fundamental creativity should be enough to show that there is a very real difference between microprocessor and a neural megacomplex.

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3 words. John Ryan Powell.

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@Samurai , Deep Blue has been replaced by Blue Gene. It’s still not the most advanced supercomputer in the world. That would be Roadrunner, the first computer to break the Petaflop barrier. It’s used for nuclear weapons research.

That does not make it intelligent. A computer has exactly the same amount of intelligence as a Cuisinart. If you see something amazing come from a computer, it’s because of the intelligence of its programmers.

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Wolfram Alpha. Not technically an AI but it’s getting there. It’ll be able to solve protein folding a a couple of years.

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Why, me, the IBM Doggywuv, of course.

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Winners of the Loebner Prize are good examples.

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@mattbrowne I tend to side with @hiphiphopflipflapflop on this one. better chatbots

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