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Is there a way to fix underwire that is sticking out of a bra?

Asked by rangerr (15765points) October 14th, 2009

I have a few bras that have the underwire sliding out of them, and I happen to like those ones very much.. so I don’t really want to have to trash them.
Any ideas?

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Burn them. You get to make a political statement about gender equality while getting rid of an uncomfortable bra.

Really, this is probably what started the bra burning movement: uncomfortable bras designed by men.

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I just shove the wires back in and stitch the crap out of the hole, or glue it with super glue (you can also use nail glue). It doesn’t look pretty, and the shape won’t be perfect if the underwire was broken, but it saves you having to buy new bras for a couple of months.

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Buy bras of better quality?

Or do as @poofandmook says for now

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@timothykinney lol
but a new bra
or do as I do, take them out all together and have the boobs fly free within a saggy bra

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Duct tape.

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Pull the little torture devices out and just relax

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I’ve shoved them back in and then sewn the heck out of the hole they’ve popped out of. Even expensive bras wear out in the “corners” of where the under wire rubs on the fabric holding it in.

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@timothykinney I’ll just burn all my clothes while I’m at it. Start my own nudist camp.

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Nope. You’re pooched when they’re like that. I toss ‘em.

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I actually find bras without underwires (and the slightest amount of padding) horribly UNcomfortable. When you’re… um… well-endowed in that area, the support, for me at least, is much more comfortable than a saggy bra.

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@rangerr Happy to visit. Nude beaches are a lot of fun.

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@poofandmook I’m not that… gifted in that area, but I think bras without underwires are uncomfortable too.. feels too much like a sports bra and those just compress the hell out of you.

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Trials that some people never have to think about at all.

I kind of keep an eye on them, check them when I put them on and work them back into place before they start pressing too hard on the ends and threatening to break through. When they do, like others here I push them back and stitch them up until they’re so far gone that I can only toss them.

Breaking, though, that’s a different story. I had an underwire break in the middle once, early in the working day. Turned out the “wire” was plastic and snapped at an angle that left two very sharp ends sticking into me right below where the weight was concentrated. They were like stilettos. And of course it was one of those days when I had to stand up and give a presentation. Not only did I sag on one side but every movement caused me to be jabbed sharply in a tender spot. When I got home that night I saw that the vicious things had pierced the skin and left me bloody. Gahh. No salvaging that one, and I was sore for a week.

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@Jeruba My God, woman. I would have shredded it when I took it off.

I suppose I’ll attempt to stitch them.

Thanks, guys!

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@Jeruba: The few times that’s happened, I’ve just shoved a small wad of Kleenex in between the bra where the break was and my skin.

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Come here. A little closer. Turn around. Bend down a bit. Click. Swoop. Fwoosh. All done.

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Fabric glue would be a quick fix, and hopefully would hold the wire in. Make sure it’s the kind of glue that you can put through the washing machine, though!

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If the ends come out, you can push it back in & sew the little hole up. If I break a wire, it goes in the trash. It’s crazy to me what it feels like when I have broken a wire. It just POPS!

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Push the wire back in and cover it with a corn pad. I did this when I was a teenager (thought that was the weirdest looking bandaid I’d ever seen) and it held for a long time. Even through washing and drying!

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@jbfletcherfan Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever actually broken the WIRE! Wouldn’t that require… I don’t know, excessive exuberance, or have I just always happened to break the straps first?

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@fireinthepriory LOL…well, I don’t know, It’s happened a lot. What can I say? Right in the middle of the wire…..underneath, you know?

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@jbfletcherfan Ohhhhh… You know, I bet it’s because I have a smallish chest… Not really straining the wires to hold my puppies in there! Er… so… forget I said anything… :)

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Yes…in the middle…underneath. Where the stress is greatest. Exactly. And it can happen when you aren’t doin’ nuthin’. It happened to me only that one time, but man, that was enough. I think sometimes they get twisted in the wash and weakened. Maybe manufacturers switched to plastic because wires were setting off hair-trigger airport security alerts. (@Facade, a $50 bra is not the cheap kind.)

I read a mystery story in which the a female detective worked her way out of a tight spot by the use of the only piece of metal on her that the bad guys hadn’t thought to take away. I loved it.

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@fireinthepriory LOL…that’s okay. ’-)

@Jeruba Ooohhh, good idea there. Why didn’t jbfletcher think of that? LOL

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@mrentropy You took my answer! I was going to say Duct Tape. Now I am sad.

@rangerr – I am sorry but I hate underwires with a passion, and I bless the name of whoever invented sports bras. Of course, when you have more than you want, compression is a good thing. It creates cleavage, too.

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@Darwin: For the more well-endowed women, it doesn’t create cleavage! It creates unipancakeboob.

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@Darwin Oh, puhhhlease. I bet that makes you feel sexy [;

EDIT: This was supposed to be @poofandmook

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I am a fat, middle aged woman with a disabled husband. Why do I need to feel sexy? I need those things out of the way so I can get stuff done, and so I can see my feet.

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unipancakeboob!! :(

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@poofandmook That’s what I was talking about two posts ago. I got the name wrong. >.<

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@rangerr: ROFL gotcha.

My answer is… only if I have a bottle of Aunt Jemima handy.

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uh, get a new bra?

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@poofandmook I can that the “Monoboob” I hate the look & feeling of it with a passion!

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@poofandmook Something the size A girls will never understand ;D

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@SpatzieLover: darned tootin’ :)

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@poofandmook Not to mention the lack of sag they experience ;) Oh well. I’m content when I find a bra I like.

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@SpatzieLover, one memorable day when I was quite small I watched my mother getting dressed, which she always did halfway in her closet, with her back to me. She had her blouse nearly buttoned when I asked her to stop and turn around. I said, “Can I see what’s under that? ” Looking a little bit wary, she unbuttoned her blouse. She was wearing a slip, as usual.

“What’s under that”? I asked. Even more hesitantly, obviously not knowing what to say, she removed the slip. I stared at her bra. There were two of them!—whatever they were. I was boggled! Whatever she had there that stuck out in front, I had always thought it was a single solid shelf.

“What’s under that?” I persisted.

“I think that’s far enough,” she told me, and proceeded to get dressed.

Thanks, Mum. I’ve got your figure now.

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@Jeruba That was a beautiful story.

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@Jeruba That story is SO reminiscent of my childhood. Thank you for sharing!

I did see my mom’s so I knew what I’d look like someday (and was thankful that day would be a way off). But, my grandma’s were the mystery to me.

As my grandpa used to say on laundry day “You better watch where you hang those to dry in the yard. Some birds will make a nice big home in them!” He was Italian she was Russian. This banter would usually land him a loving tap to the back of the head

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This is quite interesting because there is a very good product to solve this problem, which is called bra angel and is available at:

this product allows you to fix ur bra in some easy fuss! and no underwire poking your chest. :)

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Give yourself the pencil test if the pencil don’t stick, chuck the bras you don’t need them.

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