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What was the last English language (US) movie to have an intermission?

Asked by kelly (1908points) February 1st, 2008

I recall Lawrence of Arabia had an intermission. what was last movie and what date.

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I remember Around the World in 80 Days with an intermission. That was probably a hundred years ago.

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Didn’t Pulp Fiction have an intermission?

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Here’s critic Leonard Maltin fulminating on movies, bladders and intermissions.


I don’t think anyone could have sat through the four hours of Gone With the Wind without a respite, nor should anyone have to.

So far as I can tell, the last film to be presented with an official intermission was Gandhi, back in 1982.

Intermissions used to be a part of what were called road show attractions. Films like Ben-Hur and West Side Story and How the West Was Won were presented as if they were theatrical events, with two showings a day;”

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Bridge on the River Kwai;

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Grind House, from the middle of last year, had one I think (didn’t personally see it, though).

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The intermission for Grindhouse, though, was part of the movie (to emulate older cinema). Gods and Generals (an epic, three hour civil war movie) had an intermission…that came out around 2003, I think.

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Monty Python and the Holy Grail???

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I was a projectionist when the 1996 version of Hamlet came out. It was 4 hours long and we had to put in a intermission because the film could not fit safely on a single platter.

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Gods and Generals was the last one I know of.

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I remember Titanic had an intermission when I saw it in a theater in 1998.

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Brannagh’s Hamlet and Gods And Generals were the last one’s I remember.

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I’m curious. How do they do the intermission in Gods and Generals?

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it was just an “intermission” title over a shot of a landscape, music up, fade to black, lights up. It was very similar to a theatre intermission.

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