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Do those of you who have multiple identities give yourselves lurve?

Asked by rooeytoo (26961points) October 16th, 2009

Several folks have lately mentioned they have multiple accounts for various reasons. Just wonder if you ask or answer a question in the guise of an alternate persona, do you answer your own questions and do you flip back and forth giving yourself lurve or GQ?

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To do so is called “Lurve Gaming” and is against the guidelines and grounds for banning.

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No, I never abuse my “Ben” and “Andrew” accounts to boost Sarcasm’s lurve.

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@Dog how would that guideline be enforced? I had to use a separate email account to create my second fluther identity, which I now use in lieu of my first one.

And in answer to the question, no.

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they better not be.

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@holden, IP addresses?
On most forums, moderators and/or admins can see users’ IP addresses. I don’t know how it is on Fluther due to my lack of moderatocity.

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@Sarcasm yeah, I guess that would do it. calling Andrew…

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Damn, there goes my scheme for getting to 10 grand fast!

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[mod says:] That’s against the rules, y’know. And, well, we have ways to check up on this kind of thing. You’re allowed to have another account to ask questions and leave answers that you don’t want to associate with your normal account. Self-lurving is frowned upon… and kinky.

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Well I wasn’t really going to try it and I figured there would be a safeguard, but I was curious. Some people seem to accumulate large quantities of lurve in short periods of time and I never thought their answers were nearly as amusing or illuminating as mine! :-)

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No, never. I don’t answer my alternate selves’ questions either.

I have two alternate accounts that I use with some degree of regularity (maybe one question each in a two month span,) and I just use them for asking embarrassing questions, “stupid,” questions (something that I think might be common knowledge that I don’t understand), or questions dealing with sensitive issues. When I’m logged into them I might answer one or two questions, but they’re generally just for getting an answer. They’re both >100 lurve. Petethepothead doesn’t touch them, and they don’t touch me.

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Thank goodness @petethepothead, your honesty and integrity has renewed my faith in human nature!

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@rooeytoo This is a good question. It is funny that folks will game lurve- it is like buying a trophy for yourself for a sport you do not play.
How could they feel the true warmth of lurve when it was taken rather than freely given?

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@DogHow did you know about those trophies??? just kidding, just kidding. I asked the question semi tongue in cheek, but sometimes you gotta wonder.

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My other half is too ashamed to lurve me.

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Life can’t be that empty.

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Self lurve can lead to major eyesight problems – or so rumour has it.

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@DarkScribe it also causes hair to grow on the palms of your hands.

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So if IP accounts can be checked, hypothetically speaking, does that mean we are breaking the rules when you share the computer with somebody who has fluther account too?

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Do people have more than one account here? Why?

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I did to try it out. It works.

It’s stupid.

But that’s not why I “started over.”

The “lurve” here, or what we call fluther lurve (in place of love) is so great – I don’t check my “score” anymore – it is irrelevant to me. I just like seeing you guys and chatting, answering when I can – asking when I feel like it.

Lurve is fine: it isn’t the important thing about fluther. Fluther transcends all “currency and coin” (read: awards) – it’s like a video game online – you win a prize at the end – but you can’t take it to the bank or buy milk with it right?

The friendships, however, will last a lifetime (I hope).

If I’m already gushing about fluther – may I add a hearty Mazel Tov to our founder who reached 10k.

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Oops! My secret is out – I’m actually Marina. (I wish.)

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You crack me up @janbb – sorry to hog the thread – laughing.

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@shego: No, because you are allowed to have more than one account. If you mean that the accounts are lurving each other, we might look into it, but we wouldn’t automatically assume “oh, LURVEGAMING.” Most people who lurve-game act in certain ways that people who legitimately have several users Fluthering from one IP address do not. Sometimes we’ll watch a set of accounts on suspicion of lurvegaming, and they differentiate in ways that make it pretty clear they are two different users. Sometimes they make it pretty clear they are the same person self-lurving.

And then I spend at least twenty minutes going, “But why??”

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No. I was ‘abducted” for a short time in this question. Otherwise, I am and always have been just plain old scamp. Points don’t matter to me, other than knowing that someone enjoyed something I said.

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I only have one account, even though I have multiple personalities.

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No, I would never give myself lurve.. it’s cheat-y and lame. I’ve only used my other account twice, to ask what I consider to be really embarrassing questions that I didn’t want linked to this account forever.

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@MissAnthrope – you are truly a good example for us all, lurve!

@filmfann – lurve to you as well, I know how you feel.

Thank you to all who responded. You are all wonderful!

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For a few days, I had two new identities. Unfortunately people figured out who I was pretty fast, so I abandoned them, and never even think about them any more. I’m not sure I even know the passwords any more.

Actually, I went to daloonagain once, and I discovered people had answered some of his questions since the last time I’d been there. That surprised me.

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I would give myself anti-lurve, if I could.

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every time you self-lurve, someone kills a puppy.

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@eponymoushipster I though you go blind, or is that just what they tell you in health class?

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@janbb They actually told you that in health class?

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@Sarcasm When I was in health class, they didn’t talk about “self-lurve” at all, but it was rumored in my youth, that that was what boys were told.

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@rancid – thank you for your honesty, it is refreshing, heheheh!

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I would hope there are no fakes on Fluther.

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@mattbrowne I would hope there are no fakes on Fluther.

There are both fakes and flakes. Particularly during school holidays.

(Is it a school holiday currently?)

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@DarkScribe – Do only you know about this? Or the mods too?

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@mattbrowne DarkScribe – Do only you know about this? Or the mods too?

I am sure that the mods know – it becomes pretty obvious when a brand new account starts posting in a contentious or troll-like manner. Often with the same sentence structure, spelling and grammatical errors common to a more regular poster. It is accepted within the rules to have multiple accounts so there is no reason to do anything.

I have an Australian fixed IP address so if I was to start other accounts it would become obvious unless I used open servers or Tor. Hardly worth the effort for someone like me who says what I feel quite openly. Some people seem to feel a need to “sock-up” or cloak when doing or saying something that they feel might reflect badly on their normal persona.

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@DarkScribe – Thanks for the information !

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