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Are my wisdom teeth coming in?

Asked by XOIIO (18120points) October 18th, 2009 from iPhone

Today, my jaw suddenly got very sore, and my gums started to swell. I did a few google searches and it looks like they would be coming in. The one thing is that I am only 15, which seems a bit young. There are a couple other things. I was chewing beef jerky over a period of 3 hours every 10–15 minutes or so to sustain me while I was working. I also hit a few string whiffs of propane, and I might have ingested diesel by accident (the last is very unlikely, but is possible). Any ideas?

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I started to get mine in when I was 15, just throw the jerky in the back of your mouth on your gum, and chew on it that way. I did some weird things. I use to chew on a pencil, I used a teething ring ( I know it’s weird, but it helped out) and Tylenol, and Ibprofen will become your best friend.
As for the propane, and diesel, you’ll be fine. Were you trying to find a way to get high so the pain would stop?

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NO! The pain started about 2 hours after I got back home, I would never try to get high.

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Sounds like your wisdom teeth. The propane and diesel inhaling makes me think wisdom teeth are incorrectly named, though.

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@XOIIO for tonight, or this morning, whatever you want to call it, take a Tylenol, and get a warm towel, and put it on your jaw. It should relieve some of the pain, so you can sleep.

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Luckily it isn’t they bad, I’m
Going to sleep right away… Though I did want to play some piano… Ok ill go to sleep in 15 minutes 

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@XOIIO Isn’t past your bedtime?

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It’s a weekend, and I never really had a bedtime.

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Same here just wondering, and making sure. Go and play the piano, though I have a song request. An American in Paris by George Gershwin

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What is a “string whiff”?

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I meant a strong whiff. Whoa, I can’t see what I’m typing the browser oh there we go.

@shego unfortunately I don’t know that one. I am going to learn the organ music from celebrate good time though!

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that sounds like fun.

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Better make the dentist appointment and have the x-rays taken.

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That’s when my wisdom teeth started coming in, too. I got one each year in high school.

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there is no set at at which they come in. it’s normal to get them at 15 and its normal to get them 18 or even 20. its and individual thing.

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Well good news (I think) my jaw is less sore and tge swelling is less (from what I can tell) so it’s most likely chewing for so long. Maybe it’s the after burn of building up my jaw muscles

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they’ll be sore off and on for awhile, if it’s your wisdom teeth erupting. it takes about a year for them to fully erupt, providing they come in normally and are not going to be impacted.

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