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What are the symptoms of cat scratch fever?

Asked by davidk (1432points) October 23rd, 2009

C’mon now…no Ted Nugent jokes here, please.

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I have actually had this.

My arms started getting sore. It hurt to lift them. It got so bad I could barely work or even sleep.

My lymph nodes were very tender and swollen.

Good news is that you will start to feel better in about a month. I went to the doctor and he said that there isn’t a fix for it but that he had some pills that might help. I’m not sure if they actually did help. I have only had it once.


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~I am so bummed about the ban on Nugent jokes. ;)

Here is a link that is very interesting on your ailment. May you improve soon if you are infected.

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This is for real?? I never knew it was an actual medical diagnosis… I have nothing to offer except sympathy and the hope that you get well soon :(

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There was a friend of mine who ended up in the hospital on IV antibiotics so it definitely can be very serious.

But she had always been constantly covered with cat scratches all over her hands and forearms because she allowed her cats to play rough.

Personally, I have a zero tolerance policy for that with any cats of mine. They need to learn that human beings are not other cats and can’t tolerate the same degree of rough play as their littermates or kitty buddies. They just need to be taught.

Cat scratch fever is very real and has the potential to be quite serious and expensive.

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My mom got treated before she had any symptoms other than the scratch & bite. She had to go to the ER for outpatient IV antibiotics for a week.

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I had it, too, but mine was caused by a raccoon at the wild animal orphanage where I volunteered. I developed large lumps in my arm pits that hurt like crazy. The doctor put me on antibiotics, and the lumps gradually disappeared over the next few weeks. It is an infectious illness caused by the gram-negative bacteria bartonella and can be treated by antibiotics.

Apparently it is actually spread by fleas.

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Aside from fever, symptoms may include: bumps around the injured area, headache, inflammation of lymph nodes (lymph nodes are located in clusters on the neck, chest, abdomen, groin and underarms) and in some cases includes sore throat, fatigue and draining lymph nodes. The infected person may not feel all of the symptoms. The first symptom is usually blisters or bumps on the site of the injury.

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