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Good once-every-couple-of-months housekeeper in NYC?

Asked by dee6541 (57points) February 5th, 2008

I’m looking to hire someone on a bi-monthly basis or so to clean my fairly small apt. in NYC but don’t know where to find someone to do this. I would like someone who is dependable and thorough.

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Try the colleges or universities near you. There are always students looking for pick-up (so to speak) jobs. Where do you live? Near Columbia, NYU, Hunter, CUNY?

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I live on the UES, but I’m not sure that a college student is what I’m looking for, unless he/she really has all of the right equipment and materials. We need a deep clean!

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Well, for big bucks, on the UES, aren’t there dial-a-maids or cleaning services, bonded and w. their own equipment? If you live in an apt. bldg (what else) ask some of your neighbors in the elevator. I used to get very good advice that way. Also from the doormen, or are they a dying breed? Or owners of some of the nice cafes, galleries or modest restaurants in the ‘hood. They must have cleaning services. IAC, get out your check book.

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