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Which should I buy: Rockband 2 bundle or a BEATLES rockband bundle?

Asked by SpatzieLover (24520points) October 26th, 2009

My husband’s b-day is next month and he’s wanted drums since he was a child. We have a Wii. I was thinking about getting a Rockband 2 bundle, a drum throne, some nylon coated drum sticks, and the cymbal expansion kit.

If you have this set, or have played it, is there anything else I’m missing/need to make his playing more fun?

I was thinking I could wait to get the silencers to see if they are actually necessary.

I’ve looked at all the options. I’m just not sure which to select or what else I might be missing to purchase.

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Can the Beatles drums be added onto with the cymbal pack? Couldn’t find this info online.

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Rock Band 2 is a better deal in terms of songs, it’s got 75 songs right from the start, unlockable songs, and downloadable songs. The Beatles Rock Band has better music in my opinion, but it unfortunately only has 45 songs.

Once you buy the main set of either, you can use the same instruments and buy a separate song pack or another full game disc.

And also, the cymbals are not compatible with The Beatles Rock Band. They tried very hard to keep the music true to The Beatles, so they didn’t add any crazy drum solos to Ringo’s drumming. (There is only one drum solo in the game—in “The End”)

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The Beatles Rock Band disc will work with regular Rock Band instruments. If you can find a deal (online or otherwise), you might be able to get the full Rock Band 2 kit and the Beatles game disc for the price of the Beatles Rock Band setup.

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I’d get him something with newer music. Hard rock you no.

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Rockband 2.
a) Having an entire game dedicated to music from one band is a terrible idea
b) Beatles are awful.

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So far you’ve all been quite helpful. Glad I posted this to Fluther!

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@SpatzieLover Is that sarcasm or are you being truthful?

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@buckyboy28 Truthful! I was truly at a loss.

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@SpatzieLover Sorry about that… that italics threw me off. I’m glad I could help!

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I also suggest getting the guitar and/or bass, at least later on. Just one instrument will get old pretty fast and one of the best things about Rockband is being able to sing and play numerous instruments. Personally, I’m still waiting on some kind of horn or keyboard expansion.

Not likely.

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@nxknxk the rumor is that rock band 3 will have a keyboard instrument. conversely, you could get dj hero and try out your turntable skills.

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I’d get Rock Band 3 if it could be a keytar

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I have Beatles Rockband and got the whole bundle. It is a fun game but you need to be a hardcore Beatles fan like I am to truly appreciate it. I would go with Rockband 2 only because it will provide more hours of game play and a greater variety of songs.

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@sweetteaindahouse How sweet is that guitar, though? It looks awesome!

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@SpatzieLover I am honestly a fan of the Guitar Hero 3 Les Paul and that is all I use. I have used the Hofner just to test it out. It feels more realistic, the neck is longer and it has more curves on it. The buttons are quieter than the original Rockband controller so that is better. I would only buy it if you needed one or you are a Beatles fan.

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@sweetteaindahouse But you can’t use the Les Paul w/Rockband, right? (sorry I haven’t a clue—my husband is the IT geek, I am the artist).

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Get the silencers…you’ll thank me later.

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@SpatzieLover Yes you can, Rockband is compatible with the older instruments. Some of the newer ones you can’t use with the older games.

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