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I'm moving. Anyone have any song selections?

Asked by chad (694points) February 6th, 2008

In a few weeks two of my friends and myself are moving into a new (not really) house, and I thought it would be fun to create a big playlist to jam, and rock-out to while we get the place set up, painted, and officially moved into. I’d really appreciate any fun, funky, awesome, energetic, and just plain cool music that you guys like and would reccomend, in order to make the event as fun and really just plain memorable as possible. Thanks!

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“welcome home” by coheed and cambria.
always a good song to rock out to.

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“Car Radio” by Spoon – it’s energetic and funky. I always play it on road trips.

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wow. i think it was called the 70’s. he he. mmmm omg you hit on one of my FAVE topics of all time… MMMMUSIC. loved music since i was like 7. i have a huge cd collection i dont even know how many i have but i adore music.

Dance Music Faves
girl artists: Deborah Cox, Celine Dion, Lara Fabian, Cher, Donna Summer, Madonna, Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston
boy artists: George Michael
bands (NOT NECESSARILY DANCE): UK Bands: Steps, Westlife, Take That, Corrs, Bond (instrumental only FANTASTIC!), Texas
USA Bands: Bon Jovi, Pussy Cat Dolls, Chic (70’s)

01 Donna Summer I Feel Love
02 Dee-lite Groove Is In The Heart
04 Diana Ross Love Hangover
09 Zhane Hey Mr. DJ
11 Prince Erotic City

Top 10 Dance Songs Ever

Top 100 Pop Dance Songs – GREAT LIST!

From “The Locomotion” to the “Macarena,” some tunes can get almost anyone up and body-moving. VH1 reveals the best of them as host Paula Abdul counts down the 100 greatest dance songs of all time. Our guarantee: These are the tracks that will have you gettin’ jiggy with it all night long.

(1) Gloria Gaynor/I WILL SURVIVE
(2) Thelma Houston/DON’T LEAVE ME THIS WAY
(3) Sister Sledge/WE ARE FAMILY
(4) Madonna VOGUE
(5) Van McCoy/THE HUSTLE
(6) Donna Summer/LAST DANCE

Music to paint to (yes it does exist…but this list might put you to sleep)

More music to get you moving (and your class too!) – some cool selections here

Best Songs to Get You on the Dance Floor

400 of the Best Dance Songs Ever Recorded!

The Top Requested Dance Songs of Today!*

700 DJ Certified Top Disco Dance Songs DJs from America and abroad…

Best dance song ever? Any decade? Title and artist?

If you like techno which is another good term to search under
These are (in my opinion) the best techno songs, ever.

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IMO moving and classic rock go hand-in-hand…Proud Mary anyone?

Just reminds me of my youth and rocking out with my folks while painting, cleaning, packing/unpacking, etc.

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also jam bands, esp. Dave Mathews Band, and also (not a jam band) but Tom Petty rocks-just feel good stuff :)

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The Format is a fun band to rock out to. Just about anything on the album Dog Problems will do.

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Tom Petty’s entire “Pack Up The Plantation” album would be excellent for this. Good road music, good work music.

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Wall of Voodoo….“I wish I was in Tijuana, eating barbecued iguana….

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Loudon Wainright III – Cardboard Boxes

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“Phantom Limb” by The Shins

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Ram Jam – Black Betty! :P

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Talkdemonic will keep you in a zone.

The Sounds will keep you pumped.

Old Springsteen will keep you sentimental.

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zeppelin and yeah springsteen too

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Anything by the Steve Miller Band, really.

This is a cool idea, I wish more people would have posted suggestions, I’m downloading a lot of thses no! **of thesenow!

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fun and quirky? aberfeldy (best in the morning)

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springsteen Live/1975–85

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“Sixteen Tons” Tennessee Ernie Ford

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anything Jack Johnson.
The Format.

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I just realized, this question was asked on my birthday a year ago!

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