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What is the best at home teeth whitening system to use for sensitive teeth?

Asked by SamIAm (8703points) November 2nd, 2009

I have tried the Crest White Strips and they seem to work well but my teeth were too sensitive to them to continue using. Any good or bad experiences with other types/brands??

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Brush your teeth with baking soda.

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This stuff works well, and I doubt it will hurt your teeth

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@Facade That’s pretty much the same thing as baking soda, except with a brand on it. They both should work pretty well though.

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@Samurai : I’m intrigued… I shall try this tonight. Thanks!

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swish with a little diluted peroxide every day.

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I disagree with with Judi, peroxide is what causes sensitivity, and swishing does not stay on your teeth long enough to really change the stains. I would recommend using Crest White strips, even though they too are peroxide and will bother your teeth with extended use, but use them once a week or less, until you reach the color you want, they should not bother you then. Or did they bother you on the first try? Crest recommends you do it all at once so you see a drastic difference, know it is working, and contunue to use their product, but trust me it is working even at a slow pace.

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@JLeslie: I’ve used them before and I guess they worked a little but I couldn’t handle the sensitivity issues… I was hoping for a suggestion other than those for that reason. And I want fast results, I don’t understand why I’m having discoloration issues suddenly – I just quit smoking and barely drink wine or soda anymore, just coffee. It’s stupiddd! Thanks for your input though – I appreciate it!

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Are your teeth yellowing or greying?

My story is I did that Brite Smile thing where they superwhiten your teeth, and after that I have always had sensitiviy problems. Pisses me off. I always tell people to stay away from processes like that, which whiten your smile in a couple of hours.

Here is the rest of my advice. Be sure you do not use whitenng tooth pastes that contain peroxide. If you are, your teeth never get a break and you will always feel sensitive. I had to stop using whitening tooth paste after the Brite Smile fiasco, and for the most part my teeth do not bother me, and I can still do the Crest Strips once in a blue moon with little problem.

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@JLeslie : I think they’re greying… what does that meannnn? I’ve never had a cavity or braces – my teeth have always been really healthy and I don’t understand why they’re suddenly like this! It’s like there are white spots and the rest of the tooth just isn’t as white. My teeth aren’t so super sensitive but I’m nervous to use any product that will make them sensitive forever (like what happened with you).

@Samurai : tried the baking soda… very interesting, and salty! Don’t see too much of a difference but maybe after a few times – my mouth feels good though, thanks again!

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@Samantha_Rae grey does not typically respond to tooth whiteners like Crest strips and other peroxide products. Yellow stains are what respond really well. Yellowing is caused by the things you mentiond above; dark soda, tea, coffee. I don’t know what causes greying later in life. Young children who take tetracycline, or if their mother took it while the child was in utero, get grey teeth as a side effect. They typically have to have their teeth capped, or some other method to bring them back to white, they cannot utilize the teeth whiteners that we are accustomed to seeing in the stores.

I wish I knew the answer, knew more about greying and what you are experiencing. I can tell you this, your dentist should know if your type of staining will respond to whitening gels and liquids.

Meanwhile it can’t hurt to try the baking soda and some of the other suggestions.

I wish you luck.

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@JLeslie : Thanks for your help!!

i’m going to do more research

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