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Really cheap 360???

Asked by Nathanael (289points) February 9th, 2008

Does anybody know where i can get a really cheap, and or free XBOX 360, if you do I would really appriciate it.

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ebay? can get anything on ebay

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You can try those freeipod things like, but you need to sign up for trial offers and refer your friends. If you have 10 friends with CCs who are willing to help, it should be easy. Go for the offer, it costs less than $5.

Otherwise, try or other price comparison sites to compare prices at retail and online stores.

Hope that helps.

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you should go on ebay, i see people who are with companies…their bosses give them say 50 xbox’s and say ” go sell those on ebay for £10/$10” and i see people selling them for this price!

hope that helps

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@geoffr: does that website actually work? i have seen it before, but it just sounds like a scam

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