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Are there any films featuring African Americans as IT professionals?

Asked by nixie (9points) February 9th, 2008
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Die Hard

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Jurassic Park

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What did Don Cheadle do for the team in all the Ocean’s movies?

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Terminator 2-the guy who created skynet

The Matrix series: the main coms guy who plugged Neo etc. in/out of the Matrix

Sneakers-Sidney Poitier’s character along with Robert Redford

oh and can’t forget Ving Rhaimes as Tom Cruise’s sidekick in the Mission: Impossible series

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Is Geordi LaForge too big a stretch?

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Richard Pryor in Superman III.

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mission impossible series has the black dude working on the technology, iirc

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I think Don Cheadle was doing explosives, does that count?

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Matrix series

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@iron @aaron: called those already see above ^^

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sound, you sure did, I even went back through the list. But I missed it.

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Samuel L. Jackson in jurassic park

John Sally in the Bad Boy movies

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Not a movie, but let’s not forget the classic series, Hogan’s Heroes, where the black guy was the techie. And, who is the cute black girl on the bridge of Battlestar Galactica?

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Her character’s name is Anastasia Dualla. They usually call her “Dee”. The actress’s real name is Kandyse McClure.

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