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How do you make Django calls from Flash?

Asked by eebee (6points) November 6th, 2009

Flash AS 2.0. A recent answer for techs referred in brief to javascript calls and/or xml, but any pointers to a basic example.

Given swf client and python/mysql, is Django overkill for a simple CMS? Without the editing / import tools to build richmedia pages, its just another layer / service running or is it?

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No, I don’t think django is overkill for a CMS, particularly if you’re already running python and/or are familiar with it.

I’m a little confused about your question, though—are you developing a rich client? Just embedding flash on a page?

As far as a Django ‘call’, I’m not sure what you mean either—if you’re looking to render the html up in your flash client, you can just call whatever AS URL API there is.

Having written Flash clients, though, I don’t really see any justifying reason to have one, but that’s beside the point.

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