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What is the longest thread on fluther?

Asked by cyn (6913points) November 9th, 2009


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Let’s make it this one!

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I heard that the CIA thread was archived because it got too long. Or maybe it was really archived because

the rest of this answer has been redacted

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The song title game is pretty long.

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@petethepothead Is probably right with over 2000 answers to astro’s q.

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That’s funny, I was just thinking it’s time to archive the cake thread with over 400 responses, and every time I log in it’s in my activity pour moi. 2000 responses is a lot..

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I think it’s the very first one.

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I think it’s what @petethepothead said.

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The baby boomer entrepreneur is going for the record right this moment!

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It’s gone! Nooo.. I wasn’t finished with it.. I miss it already.. Oh well, back to the chatroom

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It was a good run. Damn you mods.!!!

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Go to sleep! Don’t ruin this thread too!

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It was a hard battle, everyone.

Be proud of your actions tonight. Or this morning. Depending on where you live. Shut up, point is that we tried.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go to bed and dream about flagging myself.

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what’s the baby boomer entrepreneur thing?

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It was a spam thread that several people decided to post a bunch of random in.

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Geeez! You ALL spam flagged it!
~ And now you complain because we did what you asked?

Besides we mods have it in the lunch room and are having a blast reading it.:)

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Elijah’s word association game is a close second with over 1800 responses. I had to quit following it because it was taking too long to load.

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@lynneblundell, @bagelface Not just some people, only the best and brightest Fluther has the offer.

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@markyy, hold, up, dude, I was asleep! Dreaming of cake and ice cream and frizzers and pancakes and pools and babbys, and how they’re all formed…

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@aprilsimnel There were some unidentified ghosts in the thread, I bet you were there in spirit!

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@markyy I do wish there was a way to strip out the spam and keep it up. If it had been on a Janets post it would have become a meme.

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look out, if we try to find or make this one the longest, the darned moderators will surely sniff it out and then [removed by fluther moderators, most likely Dog]. =)

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@Psychedelic_Zebra Only if people flag it for removal 7 or 8 times ;)

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goes back to flag my own answer sever or eight times, just to test Dog’s theory.

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@Psychedelic_Zebra See! Our brilliant site designers only allow one flag per person! :)

By the way- I did not think you would really do it! Please stop or Andrew will put me in the cage.

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I don’t think this is the longest one, but it certainly is the most hilarious long one:

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@Dog It wouldn’t be a meme, it was pure crap that was spew, although most meme’s start like that. Anyway I’m glad it got taken down asap (I think we all flagged it, I know I did), because some people were already clicking on the link that was spammed (which is never a good idea). Maybe @johnpowell will make a backup, remove the link, and post it on his awesome wiki (which anyone can edit, so get to work).

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@markyy That would be awesome!

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What about @PNL’s “places game” thread? i can’t find it anymore and it was super long. Then there’s the wedding proposal which people still post on… the cake in the frizzer is still up and running… i don’t think any answer given here will hold up for long.. it’s a volatile thing and constantly in flux.

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@Dr_C- If you go to the thread that @petethepothead put a link to in his above post you will find a link to PnL’s places game listed in the details section there.

Better still. Here it is.

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Wow I got a GA from that thread, long after it was taken down. Thanks, mods!

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Here is what I could save of that question.

There was more but I didn’t save it fast enough.

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Whoa, snap. Do you like never check your activity??

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@bagelface :: No I don’t. You should have seen my “Questions for You”. It was well over 10K before Andrew reset it for me.

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And I did click on the link lol4rl!

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@Dog you will learn that people should never challenge me, or tell me I can’t do something. I am a Leo and a stubborn Belgian. I live for the words that defy my hard-headed ness.

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