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Is there a way to turn off the touch pad on a laptop?

Asked by El_Cadejo (34610points) November 9th, 2009

I fucking hate this thing. I use a mouse so this thing is useless, thing is i always rest my palms there so half way through a sentence i click somewhere else and type a whole sentence before i even realize the damn thing. Anyway to just disable it all together?

Its an HP Pavilion(not sure what type exactly) and im running windows 7

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Well I do not know the layout completly but there should be a small button at the top of the touch pad. I had that type of computer once and I recall it being there. If it isn’t you should look at the manual that came with the computer. It should be somewhere in there. Good Luck!

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Sure you can, just look around the control panel. My synaptic device had a shortcut to it’s own options in there, but I bet windows 7 offers options for that as well. I realize I’m not answering the question, that’s because I can’t check (I lend out my laptop for a while), but it’s really easy.

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Mine has a tiny icon in the lower right hand icon bar that looks like a square with two little squares under it, and says “Synaptics Pointing Device” when I roll my cursor over it. When I click on it, a window comes up in the middle of my screen with the choice to turn it off, among other things.

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Quite a few laptops also have a ‘Function’ key somewhere near the Windows key. One of your F buttons along the top might have a touchpad-like symbol on it, and pressing that whilst holding the function button should enable/disable the trackpad. Not sure if your specific laptop has this, but I’ve noticed quite a few that do.

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@uberbatman It’s not simple on all Laptops…My husband is an IT geek and he had trouble with turning mine off (made my &%&%&% cursor jump all over the place when I’d type). You may need to do a Google search for your model laptop on how to turn yours off. It may be as simple as @markyy explained, or it may take a search to assist you in disabling it.

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I have a function key for it but the fucking thing doesnt work >_< I cant seem to find anything for it in the control panel for it. I may be missing it though.

Ill have to google later when i have some time.

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@uberbatman This fix may be as simple as going into your control panel and turing off the “factory mouse/touchpad” here are some other instructions I found online at this HP discussion board. Depending on which one you have they explain issues with the function key——etc.

Good luck to you!

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