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How can I export photos out of Adobe?

Asked by garydale (216points) November 11th, 2009

I have downloaded some photos from my mobile phone and they are on an Adobe format. I want to e-mail them to some business partners but cannot find a way to save them outside of Adobe nor can I e-mail them directly from Adobe. Help!

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Adobe is a company that makes a lot of stuff. Could you try to be more specific?

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yeah would be helpful to know what format they are…



like @johnpowell said, Adobe is a company, not a file format.

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Then again, if you can open them on your own computer you can export them to a .jpeg or .png

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@wenn Doesn’t really matter format there in, you can render the format to any of the ones you posted by “Saving As” no matter what the current format is.. We do need to know what Application your using though.

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hmm, Adobe Bridge is usually used for sorting and browsing your photo’s for Photoshop or other Adobe products, not really editing them if im not mistaken..

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@OutOfTheBlue true, Bridge is just for monitoring and managing files, not for manipulating them.

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I have had this problem with Adobe, and you cannot Save As here.
The only way I have gotten around it, is to use the Print Screen key, then paste it into Paint, and crop it as you like.

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