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What are these bubbles in my bottle of Purell?

Asked by RocketSquid (3475points) November 11th, 2009

They handed out bottles of Purell at my workplace last week, and I’ve been slowly trying to eliminate the bubbles in mine. They’re a real pain to kill, though. Even if I tilt, shake or squeeze the bottle they stick around. What are they? Just fancy little bubbles for decoration, or will I go down in the history of bubble civilization as an enemy of bubblekind?

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They are little pockets of trapped air.

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@oratio Perhaps the bubble fairy planted them there for fun and amusement?!

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@NaturalMineralWater How could I we were sitting a seat apart?!~ ;P

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@SpatzieLover People can still converse a seat apart.. lol.. there is no “one row” or “one theater apart” rule.. DUH! XD

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Shaking it will CREATE not destroy the bubbles!! You’ve become a pawn in their fiendish game! Don’t you see?!

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@NaturalMineralWater But I couldn’t see over your shoulder to “steal” it now could I?~

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@SpatzieLover Well of course. :p Bah, I really tried, but I’ve got no come back

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@oratio Maybe aliens are invading through our alcohol?

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I just shook the bottle again, and it makes them bigger! WHAT CAN I DO?

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@RocketSquid Use the Purell daily and soon you’ll have no bubbles to look at.

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@RocketSquid. Okay, listen to me very carefully. You’re gonna need the following:

Duct tape
Homemade napalm
A sock full of pennies
and a hammer

Now, what you gotta do is this…

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You’ll need to obtain a bell jar and a vacuum pump. Empty the Purell into a beaker that has plenty of room to spare. Begin pulling a vacuum. The Purell will begin to rise as the bubbles expand in the lower pressure environment. Eventually, they will become big enough that they break free of the alcohol gel and the Purell will look like it’s boiling.

Shut off the vacuum pump and allow air back into the bell jar. The expanded Purell will collapse back down into an air-free gel. Carefully funnel the Purell back into its little bottle and enjoy your bubbleless Purell.

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@Harp: You are Bill Nye right?

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Those bubbles are free samples of Purell’s new nasal sanitizer. If you’re worried at all about getting swine flu, just put the open bottle right up under a nostril and squeeze hard. Nasal cleanliness in no time!

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Alright.. Stop messing with him guys.

The real answer us that there is a type of bacteria that thrives in alcohol. It turns the sugars from alcohol into air, eventually destroying the alcohol. Alcohol is what helps purell sanitize, and the bacteria will eventually render your purell useless, if not making it worse. I have had this happen to me, and I phones purell. They said to immediatly take it back to the supplier for a refund and a free, clean bottle of purell. Take it back to whoever gave it to you. If you they don’t beleive you, phone purell and tell them you got a bottle with the bacteria in it. Hope this helps.

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Bubbles are in every hand sanitizer bottle…
It’s not bacteria.. it’s just there because air gets in the bottle.
Shaking the bottle makes the bubbles connect with each other, so duh they are going to get bigger.

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