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Do you ever wonder who your secret lurver is?

Asked by NaturalMineralWater (11295points) November 11th, 2009

Let’s face it. I have some very different points of view than a large majority of the collective. I’m fine with that. It adds spice to an otherwise bland dish when two people disagree from time to time. I do, however, often wonder who that one person or two people are that give me lurve on answers/questions but never make an appearance. Who is that secret person who agrees with me but won’t say anything? Have you ever wondered the same, or am I just crazy? Did we discuss the whole “knowing who gave you lurve” thing already?

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I know who my secret lurver is. Shes comes like a phantom in the night, swoops down, and dusts my petty answers with generous lurve.

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Allie tells me. The mods can see. Kidding, well, they can see but she doesn’t tell me. I hate her sometimes. Hi, Allie.

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@johnpowell can they really tell who gives lurve to whom? I thought it was more automatic.

To answer question: On occasion I’ve wondered especially when in a particularly heated argument. But most the time I just enjoy it.

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I like it when i don’t know who my lurver is. It adds mystery to fluther.
[edit…I still have time(:] I also agree with @DominicX. I would like to know who gives me lurve only when I’m debating with someone. that’s it.

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@RedPowerLady In my case, it’s so rare in such a heated argument to have support. (Being that I seem to be on the right when everyone else is on the left.) I love it when I get some lurve because I know that there’s at least one person out there who secretly agrees with me.. they just don’t feel like arguing. I guess I can live with that.. but the curiosity is still there. Who is that secret lurver?! EGADS! XD

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Yeah, I kinda like not knowing sometimes, but when I’m alone in argument and someone out there obviously agrees with me, it would be nice to have them show themselves and help me out a bit.

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@RedPowerLady :: Allie showed me a screenshot once and it showed who did by the reply.

This is why I avoid giving it to the mods. I don’t want them to know.

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@DominicX Totally agree with you on that one. (I gave you lurve). XD

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@johnpowell those sneaky CIA driven mods, i found out new things everyday, lol

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@johnpowell and @RedPowerLady That is sort of sneaky, but I suppose also necessary to prevent lurve abuse. XD

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[mod says:] Mods can only see lurve to ensure that no one is gaming the system. Yes, this really happens.

[PnL says:] Gee thanks @johnpowell. Lurve you too :P

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I like that lurve is anonymous. One time about three weeks of my answers all got lurve within an hour or so… it would freak me out to know who lurve-stalked me. Sometimes a heated argument happens before I get there- I might still give GAs if I think someone made a good point, even though I read it too late to add anything to the discussion. I don’t only give lurve to people I agree with. Well-written, logical responses deserve lurve even if it’s a different point of view.

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@Haleth Excellent point. I’ll admit to often losing sight of this very thing.

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I want to see all my lurve! It keeps me up at night wondering who clicks (and more importantly, who doesn’t click) on my “Great Answer” link. Cuz they’re all Great Answers, ya know?

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A long time ago it drove me crazy, but now it doesn’t matter.

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[mod says:] Adding to what @PnL said: We never get toys just for the sake of getting a toy. All of our toys are like those educational kind… kind of fun, but serve a purpose.

@johnpowell: Hi, Ryan.

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@Allie What? You guys get toys??!! I want a remote control car please!

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@Allie I don’t really mind. I’d rather have fluther CIA watching me than the real thing, hehe.

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One thing I have noticed is that often just before I retire for the evening I will suddenly see that I have been given loads of GA’s by someone (presumably on the other side of the pond) reading answer’s I posted ages back. The whole lurve thing though? I know why we have it, the same reason every other site like this has something similar, people would get bored quick if it wasn’t here, people have some kind of innate need to feel appreciated even if it’s for just sticking at something in a mediocre way for a long time

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@NaturalMineralWater And what purpose would that toy serve? Hmmm…? Please beg Andrew for some. I want one too.

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@Allie Well it would serve as a toy that I could play with of course… XD ANDREWWWW!!!! Remote control toys for everyone please!! XD

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Sometimes I do wonder who’s bestowing lurve on my answers, and even more, who remember who I am – you know, recognizes my username the way we all recognize so many of each other. I have a weird tendency to feel like no one knows who I am, even in real life situations. I’m not particularly shy or timid, but I still have this strange feeling in the back of my mind. I remember when I changed schools for high school, I was simply shocked when one of my new teachers knew my name a week into the school year. I remember thinking She knows who I am!!! even though it made perfect sense that she did, considering it was a class of maybe 15 students in a high school of 200 total. I feel that way even more so online. Haha, whoops, my explanation may have veered off topic…

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I’d love to know who my secret lurver is. Or if I have a secret lurver.

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Fyi- I GA’d fireinthepriory and Haleth

I do get curious when I get lurve . I am new to the group and it makes me feel welcomed. And maybe I have a secret friend out there who I do not know yet.

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now I have that song stuck in my head. secret looover… secret fluther?

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@gemiwing – I keep thinking about that commercial for T-Mobile’s Top 5 thing, and I think how one of my former improv coaches made something like US$80k last year just for looking a bit stunned and saying, “I gotta get that.”

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities me too. and i hope they have a crush on me…

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If I see a certain poster has posted, I know they gave me lurve because they lurve every post. And then I know if the person tells me GA and I have lurve…I assume it was them. That’s all though.

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I can never tell. As long as I’ve been on fluther I don’t really really know anybody that well. I tend to just drop my opinions off at the door and then I get busy doing something else.

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Good question! I do wonder sometimes who has just discovered me and sending lurve my way, then sometimes I wonder who the old fart is that’s lurving me and I’m not getting any points from it! Overall, I like not knowing. It tickles me to see both. ;)

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I don’t think I have a secret Lurver, and sometimes I wonder why particular answers aren’t getting Lurve.

I do give secret Lurve sometimes, if there is a debate within a post and I clearly agree with one side over the other. I may not always comment, because I may not have anything to add, and I don’t want someone to feel as though we’re ‘ganging up’ on them.

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It is fairly easy to figure out who is giving you lurve if you know what to look for.

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It has nothing to do with the mechanical inner workings of Fluther.
It has everything to do with behavior patterns.

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@peedub has totes discovered my dirty little secret.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic Wait.. are you taking notes on all of us? O _ o

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As far as this behavioral pattern thing goes, I’m pretty sure I could tell if @janets was my secret lurver…

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It’s not entirely impossible to figure out who gave you lurve (like when a thread has one new response and you just got lurve for one of your answers there there’s a very high possibility that user gave you lurve).

At first I did wonder who was liking my answers (when you’re new to the site, you want to know if your input is appreciated, right?), then I didn’t care so much for a while, and now I start getting a good portion of my lurve from maxed out users, I do start wondering again.

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I wonder if there is like one person out there that lurves all my answers. That’d be awesome.

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I agree with @DominicX

Also, I have recently noticed that I have been recieving lurve for every answer in a non-heated (positive) discussion even when my answers are short and sweet and not overly interesting! When that happens I wonder if someone is giving everyone answering in that particular thread lurve or if I am special!!! Either way, it’s very nice of whoever it is to give free lurve!

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Well if you must know, I hand out lurve like the desert misses the rain. sorry, heard that in a song today, and can’t get it out of my head now. Lurve is free, and it is like a smile, you can either go through life frowning, or you can smile at everyone. I choose the latter.

all answers are great answers, unless they are mean and nasty answers.

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@markyy: Not really, I routinely decline to comment on threads, but lurve the crap out of some people while I see other composing. Then I go on my way – I think this happens enough that assuming it was the person below you would have a fairly awesome chance at being incorrect.

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<—-does exactly what @asmonet does, but I thought of it first, so she’s copying me!

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@RareDenver thanks for that link, that is my new favorite song.

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