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Why do I get a hot face after eating?

Asked by nebule (16436points) November 13th, 2009

It’s just started happening in the last two weeks or so… is this a well known problem?

Any ideas?

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Common enough- yeah. Ask a doctor if it’s worrying you. It could be an allergy, it could be metabolic, could be a warning sign of something else. MSG and diabetes are two other potential explanations. I strongly urge that you just ask your doctor to be sure. I wouldn’t be too worried about it but only an MD can appropriately diagnose.

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I get this about 90% of the time I eat tuna sandwiches. The 10% is Subway tuna. Subway tuna doesn’t do it.

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I get this after drinking wine. I have a mild case of rosacea and this is one of the effects. It could well be a slight allergic reaction. I wouldn’t worry about it but you might want to see your doctor.

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I get this after taking my Niacin vitamins in the morning.

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Maybe you should see a doctor because of the chance of rosacea.

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@filmfann I have heard there is “no flush” niacin. I don’t take it, but thought I would mention it to you.

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@lynneblundell: Can you equate the sensation to any particular food or food groups?

I notice it when I (rarely) eat home-made chocolate cake with choc. frosting.) It feels like a mild allergy.

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it might be bread… but I’ve just been told to eat more bread to try and ‘regulate’ me! lol… I’m having major problems with diet at the moment… :-(

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Hot flashes?

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Try using a fork or other utensil.

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I used to get that when my blood sugar was too high. Maybe you should get it checked out.

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@SpatzieLover I’m 29…:-/ lol.. by hot flahes I presume you mean..the menopause? or…no?

@loser thank you I might do… x

I’m currently drinking wine though and my face is not flushed ,...which is a little odd don’t you all think? (is there a smiley for “pondering person”? like: finger against lip type of thing?)

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@lynneblundell Hormonal changes can cause hot flashes…Doesn’t matter the age. I had ‘em whilst I was pregnant and it often happened when I ate.

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well…I’m certainly not pregnant. no-one’s been near this womb for a long time, :-) maybe that’s the problem lol

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@JLeslie No Flush Niacin is also No Benefit Niacin.

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Eating certain types of chili does this to me, like chili oil from asian restaurants, also red wine and real aspirin tablets if I take more than 1 at a time.

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@filmfann good to know. A couple of people have recommended niacin to me for cholesterol, but I have never taken it or read up on it, but it is in the back of my mind as a possibly vitamin to try.

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@JLeslie I take the Niacin to lower my bad cholesterol, even though my levels are amazingly low. Pomegrante juice is great for that, but tastes terrible.

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