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How Can I Get My windows 2000 To Run Better?

Asked by anon30 (334points) November 14th, 2009

Okay, So Tonight i’ll have this desktop. It’s a Windows 2000 Professional, Very Slow. So Far i downloaded java, Adobe Flash Player, And Ccleaner (To Get More Space), And Also Firefox.
The Internet Explorer Kept Crashing, With An “iexplorer” Update.

The Computer Has Almost Never Been Used. And Also There Was a Letter That Came With it. Here It Is:

“it’s a 200 megahertz AMD (Pentium I-Compatible) computer with 64 megabytes of ram and a 6.3 gigabyte hard drive, most of which is empty and available for your use. The operating system is windows 2000 professional, which came out late 1999, is very stable, and just about all cosmetically identical to the most current operating system, windows xp which came out in oct, 2001”

This Letter Date Was Dec. 2002.

And Also Here Are Some More Questions.

I really hate firefox, Does Google Chrome Support This Kind Of Windows?

Also, On My Laptop, i Have TuneUp Utility’s. Its The Best Program I’ve Ever Had 2 fix my laptop, everytime i go to the download page though. I can’t Install It On this Computer because Firefox Always Crash’s.

So How Can I make my computer run better?

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This is a bag of hurt. It will never run well.

2000 Pro runs like shit on a computer with 64megs of RAM. And that is with a faster CPU.

I really hope you didn’t pay for this.

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nah, I didn’t. i’d no better. it was free. but still their has to be a way to make atleast the broswer to run better. could i download chrome?

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I would give chrome a try. Firefox loves RAM. I would also disable Flash. It is still going to suck.

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what do you mean it loves ram? and also why disable flash? it makes the internet run faster doesn’t it?

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Firefox uses a lot of RAM.

Flash is really intensive on your processor. I doubt youtube would work well or most games. But the ads on webpages should work great.

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ok. Well The download link for google chrome doesnt show can you send me it?

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I remember 64mb RAM being terribly slow when using Windows 2000 back in the day. Having 128mb or even 256mb made a big difference. My vote is on a RAM upgrade if you can find the materials to do it.

Windows 2000 is not on the compatibility list for Google Chrome. Here’s the link to their system requirements. Also you want to keep in mind that Microsoft has not been providing updates for Windows 2000 for some time. This is primarily important from a standpoint of hardening your computer against vulnerabilities.

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Yea. Well This Computer Isn’t Really for use 24–7. just for my mom to do her work stuff.

and i just found out by putting the screen res. to 800–600, its faster.

could anyone try and find updates for 2k?

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Also Whats Another Browser that could support it?

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Heres what you really need to do, FORMAT!!! Put on Xp Pro it has minimal extra junk that actually came on Windows 2000. Find some old used RAM, not positive so check and make sure but it’s probably SD RAM, these are my only suggestions, it sounds like your pc is built for Windows98 and your throwing to much at it with 2000…

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That computer is so out of date that you’re likely to spend more time working on getting it usable than you will actually spend using it. Upgrading ram will be more expensive than it’s worth. If you’re putting down $50 to upgrade hardware on this, it will not be worth it since you can buy a new laptop for the price of a ps3.

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