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Can i use wifi to surf the web on my black berry curve?

Asked by Mrgelastic (508points) November 15th, 2009

I just got a blackberry curve, and i didn’t get the data plan. can i still use the internet when i’m connected to wifi?

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Yeah, it should allow that to happen. I have the data plan, but when I turn off data services I can still use wifi.

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I just got a Curve yesterday. I got the data plan, but I didn’t realize you could hook up to wifi. Do a lot of people use their Blackberry to get on Fluther? Its hard to get used to but I like it so far.

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Depends on which model Curve™ you have…
8300 series – Wifi support on select models.
8500 series – Wifi enabled
8900 series – Wifi support

For me, on a Curve 8310 (no Wifi), I find that the builtin Blackberry Browser is poorly supported by the Fluther site. I cannot, for example, actually login. Same is true for the Opera Mini.

Personally, I consider it more a shortcoming of the device/browser than of Fluther. That said, there are plenty of other sites I can sign in to just fine. Still, web surfing on the 8310 is painful even on the best of days.

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Mine is an 8330. I can get on Fluther just fine.I haven’t found any sites that I frequent that I was unable to log onto so far, thankfully.

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