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Digital Voice recording converted into text?

Asked by JCS (250points) February 14th, 2008

I was wondering if people think it is possible to record someone speaking on a digital voice recorder, plug it into a Mac, and somehow automatically convert those audio files into text transcriptions? Am I asking to much? Or is it possible?

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Last time I did text-to-voice was in the mid-90’s, using Dragon Naturally Speaking. As I recall, it was for PC only, but that technology has come a long way and I’m sure there’s a version (or comparable product) for the Mac.

It’s certainly possible, though it will be expensive and not necessarily that accurate, depending on the quality of the recording).

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I just learned about a service called You can call the number from your cell phone and tell it where to e-mail your message to. It will convert your voice message into text and it saves all your jotting too. It’s free and pretty easy to use/set up.

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