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What is the best full keyboard flip phone?

Asked by HeartsPain (53points) November 19th, 2009

no touch screen, needs to be a flip not slide, needs camera.
i am getting a phone for my 16th birthday and i need a good one.

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enV3 would be perfect, but this depends on what service you have (Verizon, AT&T…).

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The enV3 is on Verizon.

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Try the new Droid Phone from Verizon, It’s starting to seem like an iPhone competitor.

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The Droid hands down. i have to agree with @Fred931 it has the same responsive touch screen as an iPhone, the highest resolution screen, all the perks, even a 5 mega pixel camera. Plus a fill keyboard ofcourse =P

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A phone that has the best keyboard??? Well it has to be the Verizon Voyager that was made like 2 years ago. The coolest would have to be the Driod phones from google/verizon.
The HTC is just as good as the Motorola, just do your research. You will notice that you can upgrade the memory, the OS, the only thing the motorola has is a real keyboard and flash camera and the Processor is not all that different. If you can handle a touch keyboard get the HTC It will save you 100 dollars.

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i have an lg voyager by verizon. i love it, my mom has the enV3 also by verizon and she loves it, they make texting so much easier and faster…

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