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What's a good substitute for celery?

Asked by GD_Kimble (2277points) November 24th, 2009

Prepping for Thanksgiving, and so many recipes call for celery, which I (and most people I know) despise. What’s a common stand-in?

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I would use chopped green beans or maybe the stems of Romain lettuce. I have also used Endive, chopped mustard greens, or kale.

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You can also use Celery Salt to get the flavor boost.

I don’t like celery because of the texture rather than the taste so that works for me.

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Why replace it. I think onions are made by the devil. I think my onion less double bacon cheeseburgers are fantastic. Just take the celery out of the recipe.

It isn’t like celery is needed to make your brownies rise.

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Just take them out altogether. It won’t alter the overall recipe, you’ll just be minus the celery flavor that you don’t like.

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I have a friend who substitutes with carrots. Makes the tuna salad look funny but the crunch is nice.

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I agree with @johnpowell and @augustlan – just leave it out altogether. I hate celery too, and I leave it out of all sorts of recipes – it doesn’t add anything but celery flavor, so it won’t hurt anything to take it out.

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I never knew so many people hated celery!!!

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i get grumpy when i can’t put celery in recipes

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I use water chestnuts so that there is still a crunch.

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green pepper?

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Diced cukes.

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Jicama root is not so flavorful as a touch sweet but it adds crunch to recipes.

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Yes. Jicama or apple.

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I hate celery. Try water chestnuts or finely cut apples.

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@rooeytoo I love celery, but I also like more variety, which is why I use different substitutes once in awhile.

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Celery is just a filler, any number of the substitutes mentioned would work. The apple sounded like a particularly good choice though.

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If you removed strings and then diced celery really fine, would anyone notice?

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Thank you all so much for the ideas. I will go smell the jars in my spice drawer :-)
I think the fennel might be a good choice, and water chestnuts, too. My daughter is slightly allergic to celery. (Yes, there are degrees of allergies, regardless of what some “experts” say. Our bodies can give us warnings before a major problem pops up.) I have been surprised at how may people have some reactions to everyday foods, like celery and pinapple and of course, peanuts. Wow, cooking for my family has gotten complicated!

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I babysit a lot of younger age groups. I usually opt to go with peas (they have a naturally sweet flavor) or finely chopped green beans (generally speaking, the kids don’t like greens all together so if they don’t see it they still get the nutrition from it and they don’t seem to notice at all!). If it isn’t for a finicky eater, I would opt to go with any of the other suggestions put up here. I know I didn’t ask the question first but thanks to everyone that put out suggestions, I will have to try some of those on a day I’m not babysitting. (I like substituting so everyone still gets the vitamins and nutrients from the veg or fruit.) :O)

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