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Why does my cat yawn when I pet her?

Asked by amnorvend (272points) November 26th, 2009

I’ve noticed something weird. When my cat’s laying down (but not necessarily sleeping), I’ll pet her. If I do it long enough, she usually yawns. Not just a short, quiet yawn either. She’ll yawn pretty loudly.

Is my cat just weird, or is there a reason for this?

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Maybe she’s dissapointed in you.

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nah. that’s a moan.

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Probably just a reflection of the fact that she’s relaxed.

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all cats a weird.

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She thinks you’re boring. Sorry.


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She’s content AND may be bored, but not bored with you. Or just getting so cozy it’s making her sleepy.

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yeah, she’s probably sleepy v_v

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