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Ladies, when was the last time you actually wore a pair of pantyhose?

Asked by jbfletcherfan (13212points) November 26th, 2009

I don’t see pantyhose being worn much anymore. Even in the winter. I see some tights, but most women are bare legged in skirts anymore. And some of those legs should be kept covered! Personally, I can’t tell you when I last wore them. With dress pants, I wear trouser socks. When did YOU last wear a pair?

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I wore some to a friend’s wedding on Halloween.

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5 days ago. I and all my friends (I’m 18) wear pantyhose/sheer tights or leggings underneath skirts and dresses.

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Ha, ha. It’s been so long I can’t remember.

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If I were working I’d wear them. But not if I was in a casual dress, shopping at Dillions or something.

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I’ve only worn them twice in my life. Once, to a funeral. Second time was on Halloween. I wore them under fishnets that I got for my costume, because it was freezing outside and I wanted some kind of extra protection, even if it wasn’t a lot.

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Last week! I have to with my school uniform because it’s too cold.

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I detest pantyhose, so I am thankful to not have a need for them! I wear pants most of the time. I honestly can’t recall the last time I wore them.

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what the heck are pantyhose?

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I stopped wearing dresses specifically so I could stop wearing pantyhose.

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Nice and warm in the wintertime. Ha ha ha – it’s a question for ladies and I snuck in under the radar.

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@Zen_Again you can sneak in any time. :-)

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i wear them almost everyday to work… not now that its warming up, but all through out winter and the in between seasons, i am! I work in a corporate environment where people wear suits to the office – i have trouble finding pants long enough as i am quite tall, so i tend to wear alot of skirts…

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Last Christmas. Short black sweater dress, mini boots, black panty hose with another layer of fishnet stockings on top. Oh—all topped off with a huge black fur coat. I looked like a hooker at a funeral….and I loved it. Nothing better than making your family’s jaw drop at a family dinner. But not the way your grandma wore panty hose, right?

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I am truly surprised that so many of you still wear them. Good deal.

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Two years ago, when I was playing four different parts in the Christmas show, all of which were middle-aged women in the 1940’s.

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I might have worn a pair on my wedding day… but I honestly can’t remember. It was August, and I wore strappy high heeled shoes with my long dress, so it’s entirely possible that I didn’t wear them. That was over four years ago, and it would have been the first time in at least 5 years.

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Yesterday. I was wearing what I call “office drag” for a couple of volunteer stints, and felt that, as team leader, I should look like an adult during the time we were at these agencies. It worked, as the agency reps and staffs knew to talk to me.

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I wear tights a lot, but not pantyhose as much (and I’m taking ‘pantyhose’ to mean pairs of stocking for each individual leg, rather than ‘tights’ that connect at the top). I would much rather wear tights because they don’t fall down like pantyhose can, and they come in fun colors, patterns, and a range of materials, and pantyhose always seem to be creepy not-quite-right skin colors.

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Gave them up about 5 years ago. Occasionally tights, but not since last winter.

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Umm. A couple weeks ago or sooner.

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What is to hate about pantyhose?

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I am curious what you wear with a skirt in winter if you don’t wear pantyhose?

I haven’t worn them since I moved to the tropics, legs are always tan here plus I only ever wear shorts.

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Last week to a friend’s wedding.

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@TitsMcGhee – Pantyhose are called pantyhose because they connect at the top like tights, so they include a “panty.” The others are just stockings or hose. And if you opt for a garter belt, they don’t fall down.

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@Darwin: Ah, news to me.

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Maybe a month ago, to a tango milonga

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(is it supposed to change color like that or am I having an acid flashback?)

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@PapaLeo Definitely acid. On both parts.

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<wipes brow> Whew! Thanks. Close one there!!!

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Last thigh high stockings;)

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I know this is kind of an old thread, but I just bought some more pantyhose yesterday. I didn’t know lots of people didn’t like pantyhose, I see lots of people around my school wear them all the time (under shorts, under dresses and skirts..etc. And I like pantyhose. :P

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