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What is the best way of seeking out casual sex?

Asked by beautifulbobby193 (1694points) December 2nd, 2009 from iPhone

Note that it would have to be NSA and hookers should be excluded from answers.

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Craigslist has many ads for casual sex.

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Avoid relationships.

Openly speak of it in normal conversation, (don’t harp on it)

Eventually you will run into a like minded person.

Always practice safe sex.

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@Narl and @DrBill kudos for serious answers. I really wanted to give this individual a stern lecture about the negative consequences of casual sex. Lurve to both of you. @DrBill I would double or even triple your lurve if I could for the safe sex part.

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Hi Mouse – a stern lecture? If you want to discuss the negatives of casual sex I suggest you open up a new discussion on such. This discussion is to discuss methods of obtaining casual sex, not to discuss methods of preventing it. It is a perfectly legal activity.

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Have you told your friends? Perhaps they know people looking for the same. I’m dead serious. Networking. Seems to work for a lot of things.

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There’s like a billion websites for this very purpose. I’ve never used one but I’m sure you could find one that was to your liking.

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By not doing so. I just posted a question as a good reason why. I say stick with the hand. It’s not crazy. unless you want it to be, haha.

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What’s worked for me so far is hooking up with a few male friends, meeting people at bars and the like with every intention of going home with someone but no intention of making it into anything, and online dating websites. Just make sure that you let your potential partners know that you don’t intend on making anything exclusive, official, etc. before you let things go too far sexually. It may ruin your chances of sleeping with that person, but honesty is so important in these types of relationships. You, and the people you end up interacting with, will be so much happier and there will be considerably less drama and headaches if you are completely straightforward about your intentions. And yes, liek @DrBill said, make sure to always practice safe sex, particularly if you’re having sex with people you don’t know very well. If I am engaging in casual sex, which I do, I always use two forms of birth control, and I never allow anything to happen unless there is a condom. I get tested regularly, as you should too if this is the type of sex life you choose to have. Protecting yourself and others is of the utmost importance.

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By not wearing a tie.

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I think websites are sometimes offputting as many of the ads are either from hookers or are hidden ads for subscription porn sites. I imagine it is difficult to find anything genuine.

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I guess most of my casual sex has been just hooking up with male friends. So make friends and tell them you want to hook up with them.

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Just get a piece of cardboard and a marker.. Just write “Free Sex” and be on your merry way to a crowded high street, works with free hugs so atleast the theory is sound.

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@Kade13 LURVE! I think this will work!

I have some rather obscene shirts that always start lovely flirty conversation. It usually happens because I forget I’m wearing the shirt, but always positive feedback, well in certain places anyway, usually adult places.

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If you are a woman. Sit in any bar for a half an hour at the most and you will get some.

If you are a guy, almost as easy if you are not picky. But you will also have to have some cash. Because you will be paying all the way to the bed.

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@SuperMouse We’ve already had that discussion.

@beautifulbobby193 Check your PMs. :)

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Casual sex seems to be on the rise. I’m sure you won’t have any trouble.

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I have been a one woman man for nearly 7 years now so take this for what it’s worth, but I’m pretty sure this is the best way to get some casual no ties sex. First get some pants that have a dragon embroidered on them (tigers will also be acceptable). The fit should be tight enough to cradle the package, but not so tight that you look emo.

Next you need to find yourself an Ed Hardy, Tapout or Affliction t-shirt and white shoes. Hopefully you have been working out and taking steroids for a few months so that you can be as big as inhumanly possible, but don’t worry if you haven’t cause it’s better late than never when it comes to getting roided out.

Finally you are ready! Hop into your mom’s Prius, go to the first local bar and get shitty drunk. Before you know it you will have at least two or three ladies ready to go back to the rec room above your parents garage and get busy with a real man.

Warning if you choose to wear Affliction or Tapout please be aware that this may cause confrontation with REAL cage fighters. If this happens to you your best defense is to block any punches coming your way with one of your ladies and get to the Prius ASAP.

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@beautifulbobby193 you may have noticed that I didn’t actually give a stern lecture, but thanks for the suggestion though.

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You’re welcome.

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Do not wear stupid t-shirts that say stuff like “I did your mom”. Do not fart or belch in the presence of the one you wish to bed. Brush your teeth. Zip up your zipper and hike up your pants. Make sure you don’t have a drippy wang or twang. Try to smell decent. This is advice that works for straight and gay people. Heed it and you will get yours.

skid marks are a repellent, by the way. so even if you get ‘em in the door and on the bed if they catch site of less than fresh panties they will be gone like the wind that caused the mark in the first place…

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Definitely Craigslist.

Not that I know from personal experience or anything.

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Petend to be looing for very serious sex

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Fact from fiction, truth from diction. Find a local sex or swingers club then you can have access to like-minded people. Or create on yourself.

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