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85% ethanol vs regular unleaded?

Asked by row4food (3049points) February 20th, 2008

as i filled up my car today, i noticed a separate pump with 85% ethanol on it. how does one make the choice to use the 85% ethanol fuel? can anyone use it (does it matter what kind of car you drive)? does it mix with regular gas?

there seemed to be no price difference between the regular and 85%.

i have only seen it at this mobil station (which i try very hard to avoid due to the 21 cents more per gallon prices…)

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Not sure of all the specifics but my gas mileage goes to hell when I use 85% ethanol.

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i’m pretty certain you can only use the ethanol with cars that are made for it. . . hence why your gas mileage goes to hell.

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Well, my car is built for it.

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Definitely don’t put E85 in a standard, non-flexfuel vehicle.

And currently, since E85 isn’t widespread at fuel stations, vehicles must be “flex fuel” – meaning they can run either E85 or standard gasoline. This means that the E85 (which is generally over 100 octane) will be less efficient in the engine that has to deal with 87 octane. However, the price discount on E85 should equal out the loss on MPG, and still be “better” for the environment.

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e-85 is good for ecology of earth but during the mean time of driving you will have less power , miles per gallon and if you dont have a flex fuel auto and mix it 50/50 your mileage will stay about the same as it did with regular unlead dont fill up with e-85 a non flex fuel auto it will dog out and sputter…a regular auto cant handle it . thanks to the stock fuel jets in the carb and stock fuel injectors invest the top quality jets and injectors and you will get much better performance.

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Regular unleaded fuel, be it regular 87 octane, midgrade 89 octane or supreme 91 octane may be as much as 10% alcohol.

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E85 gas is only 15% ethanol, not 85%.

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