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Is everyone at their windows or outside looking up?

Asked by gailcalled (54621points) February 20th, 2008

Eclipse is beautiful here in frigid NE (cloudless sky for the moment). There is a nice bite out of the moon; Saturn visible to lower left and the star Regulus to lower right. Totality starts at 10:01 EST (ends about 10:51). Last chance until Dec., 2010

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i’m at my window, a little too cold to be outside in my jammies… (just north of albany)

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@row4food: Where N. of Albany? I live SW about 45 minutes- in Columbia County. Sky is gorgeous now…Orion, Sirius, Pleaides, etc. shining in the South.

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i’m in clifton park. (halfway btw albany and saratoga)

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Its raining in southern Louisiana but I still went out to see what I might be able to see. All I saw was darkness die to clouds and rain. Man this is a bummer.

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I am in a hotel in Boston and I just dragged my parents outside to look. My mom left after a minute because it is freezing outside, but when we went back in my dad and I recruited another visitor and the lady behind the front desk to come outside and look with us.
Thanks Gail!

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i’m outside right now. it’s going away though.. i was at waffle house a while ago when it was starting but it the clouds were blocking it for the most part.

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oh hey evan

yeah i caught a glimpse of it before taking my girlfriend home

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its amazing

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oh hey nic haha. i was like what.. how’s he know my name.
i was at waffle house with this old man who had a huge beard (no lie).
smoking b/c i’m cool and it makes you look cool.

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I have to say, as someone who sat outside in the frigid New York cold for an hour watching it, the eclipse was a bit underwhelming. My father flew home from texas tonight and saw the whole thing, and he was unimpressed as well. Maybe New Yorkers are just cynical, but I wanted pretty colors and excitement. It just looked like a dark red ball…

It’s still cool to have seen it happen, though.

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I was actually at waffle house too… crazy.

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no. i am busy contemplating how bored i am and if anyone has ever TRULY died of boredom. oh and looking for porn lol…. ha ha ha ha not

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i watched it here in south jersey it was pretty cool

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I watched it happen over Prospect Park. Here in The Slope there were people out on almost every corner looking up. So much for ezraglenn’s theory of “cynical New Yorkers.” Thanks again to you, Gail for keeping us informed.

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I kept taking peeks at it last night while going in and out with my laundry. It was very cool, but it’s pretty cold here in Kentucky so long peeks were all I could handle.

The last lunar eclipse I saw was in the summer… we had lawn chairs for that one.

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I’m indoors now, but last night I watched the eclipse with some friends and a telescope.

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It was overcast and snowing where I live.

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We had glimpses of it through the clouds here in NC.

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The weather across the country was unpredictable. I had a friend on the beach in Monterey who called me every 5 minutes w. a report and even let me listen to the sound of the surf over her cell phone.

@Ezra; I am sorry that you weren’t more excited. The celestial geometry that makes both lunar and solar eclipses possible is a matter of blind luck. Personally, I find that the cosmic events put things into perspective. Now if only Dubya and his gang of thugs would look up occasionally and take note.

IAC, I am happy that those of you who had a siting enjoyed it. Sorry I couldn’t control the weather. I was able to sit inside and watch. It was numbingly cold outside.

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I saw it for a bit, despite some clouds. Very nice.

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