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Who wants to join in congratulating Loser who is not a loser to the 10K club?

Asked by chyna (51306points) December 6th, 2009

Loser, who is a fantastic animal lover just hit 10K.

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Biggest of awesome congrats to you, Loser! You’re the bee’s knees, and I lurve your posts so much!

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Congrats loser!!

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Well I think it is safe to make the name change to WINNER now isn’t it? Except we all already knew that! You are a great guy and always willing to help others out and keep the peace. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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CONGRATS!!!!! Loser the loser is certainly an oxymoron.

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Nice one!

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Yay! I vote for a name change, too. “Loser” has never quite fit you! Congrats to you friend. :D

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Awesome result loser, great job :-)

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Congratulations! Welcome to the 10K club!

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A Winner is you!

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Most definitely not a loser.

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Oh now this totally rocks! Loser and I joined about the same time I think!

Loser gets a totally awesome suite for he and his dogs! Is is next to mine and overlooks the whitewater with sunset views and a hot tub!

Welcome Dude!
Congrats to the guy whose has the most misleading name!

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What a pleasure it is to be in your company. You are a great jellie and a great person. Congrats.

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No one can call you a loser now! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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Awww, my favorite Loser! Congratulations!

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I have adored you since your very first post, scary though it was. You are such a wonderful, caring, sensitive guy-and you love dogs! How great is that?

Congratulations to someone who is in no way a loser, except of course weight, which I know is why you chose the name.

During your time here you have reached out to help so many people from the well of your own difficult experiences.

I am proud to count you among my very favorite Fluther friends.

Par-tay! For 10K! For Oser-lay!

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Hey, way to go! Congratulations on a job well done, my friend. :D

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@Marina Now I’ve got to know what that first post said.

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You’re no loser! You’re a real winner! And in rarified ranks, yet! Congrats, @loser!

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@johnpowell: So that’s how you win Fluther. Someone was asking me…

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Happy 10K Day!! You’re the alpha dog today for sure :) Tilly sends you many salutations as well!

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I don’t like calling you “loser” so I’ll just say CONGRATS, BUDDY!!!

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@johnpowell You are awesome!

Congrats to WINNER!

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CONGRATULATIONS, non-Loser!!!!!!!!!!!

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i like the phrasing used in this question. lol.


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Congrats to a terrific contributer!

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One of the first jellies to reach out to me when I joined Fluther. Congrats! We’re so lucky to have you here!

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@jp You are amazing! That is great.

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Congrats…. itll be like 2099 before i reach 10K

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Mazel tov, Loser!

You have been a constant, intelligent presence on this site since I have been here.

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@gymnastchick729 1 point each day for checking the site. You need 9060 days… Thats like 25 years… Here is some lurve to help!

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Congratulations to a jelly who does NOT live up down to his name!!

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Happy 10k!

Your name always did seem a bit like an oxymoron.

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Serious congratulations!!!

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I lurve you, loser baby! :)

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There are no losers in Club 10K. You’re going to have to change your name. So I say CONGRATULATIONS to the flutherite FKA Loser. Hoo-ya!

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Congratulations! Mr. Non Loser!
Even though you once thought I was a guy.

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WOOHOO! Congratulations! You’re a fine earner of 10K of lurve!

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Way to go, Loser! :)

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I remember you from way back, Loser—way to go!

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Congratulations, Loser :)

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Lurve all around for Loser’s great accomplishment!!!

Loser’s 10k, a Crimson Tide victory, and a Bronco’s win? Wow – this weekend is cause for all kinds of wonderful celebrations!

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Congrats Loser! Wait, that doesn’t sound right… Well, congrats anyway!

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Congratulations to one of the cornerstones of Fluther! You help make it the great place that it is!

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It’s great to be here for your party, @loser. Your comments are sensitive and perceptive, and I have often seen you extend a caring thought to someone. Losers of the world are lucky to have you on their team. Congratulations.

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Congrats and cheers to the awesome WIN @loser! Enjoy the celebratory beers. I’ve always enjoyed your answers and witty comments, but for some unknown reason you were not in my Fluther…well you are now!

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Congratulations, Kyle. Have a drink for me!!

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Yay! @Loser is a @Winner!!! Congrats!

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Maybe he just misplaces things frequently?

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Congrats, Loser! I guess this means that you don’t at ALL live up to your name… does that mean you have to change it now?? :)

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Okay, ever since this post came up I’ve had a song stuck in my head… “Have you heard about that awesome @loser..” as almost sung by the Little River Band.

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Congrats to the author of the Greatest Fluther Question Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(((((((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) and high-fives

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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Congratulations loser! You are the reason I found this place so I must give you lots of Lurve :)

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Congrats Loser! Not such a loser after all…

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Dear K**e: See what happens when you stop asking vague and open-ended questions?

xox Gail

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In spite of your name, you are definitely are a winner. Congratulations.

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Yup!! Winner! (I know I’m expounding, but…you know how it is…)

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If you’re an example of a “loser”, then frankly, we should all be so lucky.

Here’s to one of the best among us!!

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Congratulations! The world needs more animal lovers :3

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Late to the party again, but congratulations loser!

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Oh, we’re adding good songs? Yay! Paaaaarrrty!

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Shazam! Congrats, me bucko!

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You are going to have to change your name to WINNER now!

Congrats and congrats.

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Congratulations and all that. Sorry I’m late but I got lost trying to find Loser.

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Congrats Loser!

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Kill the headlights and put it in neutral—10k flamin’ with you and the cruise control.

Soy un perdedor!

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Yabba dabba doooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !

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Congrats!! Another well-deserved 10k for a stellar Jelly!

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Awesome job- to infinity and beyond!

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Yay! Congrats to my favorite Jelly. :D <3

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Congratulations to you, sir! Excellent work in attaining this fine accomplishment! =)

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Almost missed this one.

Congrats to one of the funniest names on Fluther!

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Thanks everyone!!!!

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Congratezz! :D You are not a loser…don’t worry about it! :P Your a great jelly! :D Happy 10k day! :D

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I’m late to the party, but congrats friend! ( I just can’t bring myself to call such a fine gentleman @loser)

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@Judi Ju are never too late!!

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Lurve. That is soooo cute.

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@Buttonstc Thanks. You can also do that, do much better than this!

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Congrats to you! Having been here two days, have no idea what that means, but have a clue what it means.

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@Cotton101 Well, you get “lurve” points for a variety of reasons….for answering and asking a question, and especially if you get a “good answer” and especially a “good question” click. When they hit 10,000 or 20,000 others throw a party for them. (notice that every one who answers the question in a party gets a GA!! It’s like confetti!)
Your points show right next to your avatar. You have 263. I just hit 5000 and got a small, private party in my PM box!

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Thank you so much Val for taking the time to educate me about the site! Have a good one!

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I’m pretty new myself, @Cotton101, and I remember feeling my way along, trying to figure out what was what! So, any time!

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How the fuck did i miss this thread?!
I’m glad you made it to the 10 K Club

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What the crap? How did I miss this? First, let me just say I don’t get your name. You are no loser, especially in my book! Congratulations, my friend. OOOOHH! This means we can hang out at the mansion. This is so great!!!

Congratulations!!! Sorry I am so late.

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Loser where have you been lately? :D

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@Dog Really! I’ve missed him.

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Me, too. :(

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Me, three!

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I know this came up because of spam but it was nice to see @cak, even if it was an ole post. I miss her. :-(

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I miss @loser, too.

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