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Is it "new years resolutions" or "new year's resolutions"?

Asked by bob (3223points) February 22nd, 2008

With or without the apostrophe? And what about capitalization? Oh, and how are yours going?

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New Years resolutions: If we’re old and talking about many years of them
New Year’s resolutions: If we’re talking about this years resolutions.

I got started a little early on mine, last October, so the New Year was just a little boost.
I’m still working on about 40% of what I wanted to be working on. so far so good, thanks for asking.

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Typical of the possessive case, Bob: the resolutions of the New Year and if we’re talking about this year’s resolutions, we need that pesky apostrophe…the curse of us all, it seems.

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Here’s my thinking: If the holiday didn’t exist, I would probably refer to them as new year resolutions. They don’t belong to the year per se. They’re resolutions for the new year, sure, but they don’t belong to it any more than Christmas gifts belong to Christmas.

But when I talk about them I tend to say new year’s resolutions because they belong to the holiday/event of New Year’s Eve. New Year’s should always have the possessive b/c it’s New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day.

Given that logic, I’d probably say “New Year’s resolutions” (w/ or w/o caps) even when referring to multiple sets of resolutions over a number of years. I don’t make new year’s resolutions. So it’s sort of a mute point.

(Sorry, Gail, I am always tempted to use words wrongly when you’re around. But let’s say mute b/c years = year’s when spoken aloud. Or is it “out loud”?)

I’ve looked at the word year too long and now it’s freaking me out.

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APOSTROPHE for sure as the resolutions belong to the new year.

One thing on my list of New Year’s resolutions: saying numbers correctly. Well, not really, but it might be if I were an even bigger nerd than I already am.

New Year’s resolutions can have loftier goals if you choose to help,0,5308388.column

Capitalize all holidays: New Year’s Day, Groundhog Day, etc.

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@Bob: I wouldn’t mind if some flutherers were mute more often, but you are not among them. And are you saying that I have to find the “Waldo word” in your posts to me? As in “wrongly” being wrong? (It exists, I know, but does sound more awkward than “incorrectly.”)

Aloud vs. out loud

Some of the Google sites say that “aloud” is Britspeak, while “o/l” is used by Americans. But, hey, aren’t you the one getting a PhD in English?

And aren’t all the words that some people commonly get wrong homonyms?; witch, which; they’re, their, there, etc.

So, have I become the Language Torquemada?

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“The hammer of the objective case, the light of Fluther, the saviour of good grammar, the honour of her order.”

Hmm. Wrongly. I didn’t think about that. I am getting an MA in English, but (unfortunately) we don’t spend as much time debating grammar & usage as you’d think.

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There are some flutherers I would LIKE to hammer. Maybe people should announce that English is not their first language. That would keep my b/p down.

But, imagine a greying grump in her sweats and Toucan slippers, peering at the screen over her bifocals and c’est moi.

How’s the MA going? Are you writing fiction?

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It’s going OK. Busy. But lots of writing, which is good. I’m writing mostly poetry, some fiction, and some things that are somewhere in the middle.

As long as we’re on the subject, I really enjoy this list of New Year’s resolutions.

Keep up with the grumping, it’s good work.

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If you’re referring to many years, then it’s New Years Resolutions. However, if you’re referring to this coming year, then it’s New Year’s Resolutions. Does that make sense?

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