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Any podiatrists/foot experts in the house who can lend a hand with this toe problem I'm having?

Asked by deni (22660points) December 10th, 2009

Ok I think I might have an ingrown toenail and that worries me. I had one when I was little and I remember it being painful all the time til I got it fixed. This one doesn’t hurt all the time and it doesn’t look ingrown but every once in a while it will hurt really bad, and kind of throb. I figure it could be something else but I don’t know what?

Other info that may be helpful: When I worked at UPS loading trucks I dropped a lot of heavy things on my toes and this is when the problem started. The nail isn’t bruised or anything and at the same time I was wearing shitty uncomfortable boots all the time that left my feet sore so maybe that could contribute?

My toenail is short and nothing looks to be wrong with it. My nails grow really slow and like I said they’re already short so I can’t cut much off or I would try to cut into the side a little bit. Plus it hurts. I don’t know, does anyone know anything about what this pain could be?

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Are there any red or warm spots? That would mean infection. One home-remedy is to soak your foot in very warm water and epsom salts several times a day.

Also check that there are no overly colored veins or arteries going from ankle up leg.

Why not see a podiatrist and ease your mind?

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As a guy that has had several ingrown toenails, I completely agree with @gailcalled, I (begrudgingly) used epsom salts at my mother’s suggestion. They worked very well! Go for those, I’d say.

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it can be in-grown and not be visible does it hurt when you squeeze it on the sides?

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There are no red or warm spots, no discoloration anywhere on my foot or leg….

If i squeeze my toe on the sides it doesn’t hurt at all. The only place that hurts to put pressure on is the very corner. :(

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This used to happen to me all the time because I would wear heels with pointy toes. What I have always done is as painful as it might be when your nail grows out get tweezers and lift up the corner of the nail that hurts and put a piece of very small and thin rolled up piece of cotton underneath the nail try to keep a part of the end of the cotton out from under the nail so you can take it out easily leave it in until your nail grows out and it doesn’t hurt anymore. If you put the cotton in right it should relive the pressure and pain from the nail immediately.

Also, another tip if you are prone to ingrown toenails try to avoid cutting your nails really short it makes the chance of ingrown nails increase. Just keep them a little longer and try to wear more comfortable shoes that are not extremely tight.

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sounds like the beginning of another ingrown – they can come back even after they’ve been fixed

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@sjmc1989 i read about that on another site but it sounds hard! i haven’t tried it yet but i can’t picture “lifting” my toenail up…does it hurt?!?

and! i try to let my toenails grow but like i said, my big toes toenails literally do not grow. well, they do, but soooooooo much slower than all my other nails. its really weird!

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If it is a really bad ingrown then it will hurt but I am telling you it is an instant relief. The best way to do it is lift it up with tweezers and pushing the cotton in with your free hand. I used to get my mom to do it because it easier when your not doing it yourself Thats some true love right there :) I owe her so much

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want the step by step on what they do to fix them?

1. they use cold spray to numb the pain of the 3 inch needles that they use to numb it even more
2. actual needle numbing (worst part) feels like someone is wrenching your foot
3. then they use medical cutting pliers to lift and cut the half of the nail that is ingrown completely out of your toe
3. thoroughly clean inside with Que-tip
4. bandage you up
5. go home

its very fast – but worth it if its bad enough.

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@Xilas oh dear god i like gagged reading that

@sjmc1989 that IS TRUE LOVE. i love moms. thank you. im gonna do it. im PUMPED.

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@deni you asked for it, kinda…

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@deni YOU CAN DO IT! your welcome and good luck :)

@Xilas My friend had to get that done and her poor little toe nail never grew back. So now she has the most pitiful little nail ever and she won’t wear sandals anymore.

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@sjmc1989 A GIRL I USED TO WORK WITH HAD NO BABY TOENAIL…i thought it was sooooooooo werirrrrrdd

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@sjmc1989 Thats what I would call hers and she would get so made at me! Then I would start staring at it on purpose just to make her squirm she was like a sister so I could get away with it They are very strange looking indeed.

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I had to get the wedge resection done, where they take the infected side out all the way to the nail bed and put acid and stuff in the nail bed and stop the nail from growing on that side. Because i had ingrown toenails cut out about 3 times. Terrible.

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I have never actually lifted the nail; just used a toothpick to pack cotton underneath. Worked for me.

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ugh. this is harder than one would think

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